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About us

What is SEN?

The Saskatchewan Eco Network (SEN) is a non-profit, non-government organization that connects environmentalists - within the province and across Canada - promoting active networking among member groups.



Membership in the Network is open to Saskatchewan "ENGOs" -- non-profit, non-governmental organizations that are concerned with environmental issues. Individuals may become subscribers to SEN's email information service and bi-weekly Info Bulletin, but are not entitled to vote.


SEN can be considered Saskatchewan's "one-stop shopping centre" for the general public, journalists, and government departments and agencies looking for information on environmental issues and for contacting members of environmental groups.

SEN assists communication in several ways. If you have access to email you can get news and information from the SEN on a wide variety of topics such as:

Diversity is our Strength

Within the membership of SEN and RCEN there is a great deal of diversity, so the networks have a policy of not taking positions on specific issues. This allows for valuable discussion and dialogue, but does not demand member groups conform to any "party line." This also means that the network is not an advocacy coalition or lobbying organization, but rather is a communications structure to allow environmental groups to do their own things more effectively.

Working Groups

SEN is an affiliate of the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN), along with provincial and territorial networks from across Canada. Through this affiliation, SEN members can participate in RCEN's National Caucuses on:

National caucuses allow people to connect with one another across provincial boundaries. They provide an important forum for collecting and sharing information, examining the cumulative impacts of provincial and federal policies, and for promoting a broader perspective on the issues.


Environment Canada and other government agencies often hold consultation meetings on various issues. RCEN selects delegates from among its members to participate. In most cases, expenses for these meetings are covered. If there is a national issue you are particularly concerned about, please let SEN staff know so that you can be notified if a consultation meeting on your topic is planned.


Rick Morrell, Executive Director

Mike Wolsfeld, Administrator