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June 8, 2011

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SEN Annual General Meeting and Keynote Presentation

The date for the Saskatchewan Eco-network's Annual General Meeting has been set for Saturday June 25th, 2011 at 1 pm. It will be held in Saskatoon in the basement of St. James Anglican Church on Dufferin and 12th Street.

Our keynote speaker will be Jeff Sereda, a Postdoctorate Fellow at the School of the Environment and Sustainability, giving the presentation: "Lake Diefenbaker: A look into the past to see into the future".

Join members of the SEN as we meet to discuss directions for the network and the events of the past year. This is YOUR network; help to make it work for you!

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This Green House: Building Fast Action on Climate Change and Green Jobs

By Charley Beresford, Executive Director, Columbia Institute

These days, amid record setting floods, fires and tornados, we are well aware of the threats and impacts of climate change. We are also aware of Canada's dismal environmental record, and our federal government's failure to step up to the task. We each do what we can, but our time and bank accounts are stretched, and we know that it's going to require commitment from more than just us.

Imagine if local governments made it easier for people to take effective action, action that could have a cumulatively massive impact. A new study by the Columbia Institute, This Green House: Building Fast Action on Climate Change and Green Jobs, outlines how we can significantly reduce GHG emissions.

Energy use in buildings accounts for a significant portion of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada. And energy-efficiency retrofits offer a fast and affordable way to cut GHG emissions, conserve energy and save you money on your utility bills. As well, energy retrofitting increases the value of your home. Consumers, communities and the environment all benefit - it's a win, win, win.

This Green House demonstrates the best practices in retrofit programs across North America while also doing the legwork to figure out the unique opportunities and obstacles in each province. With municipal energy efficiency financing, fast action on climate change is within the reach of most communities and homeowners. A small investment in one's home - supported with loans provided at the municipal level - will allow homeowners to significantly reduce their GHG emissions while realizing energy savings that they can take to the bank.

More at

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No Gas Fracking Way!

New scientific studies are placing natural gas extraction via "fracking" - a method to create fractures that extend from a borehole into rock formations - under fire.

A May 2011 Duke University study found that methane levels in private water wells are, on average, 17 times higher when within 1,000 yards of a natural gas drilling site. The study was instantly criticized by the natural gas industry, citing lack of baseline reference data. Ironically, however, the natural gas companies have much of the needed baseline data, but refuse to release it. "I asked them for the data and they wouldn't share it," said Robert Jackson, one of the Duke study authors.

Several other recent reports have warned of the dangers of natural gas fracking. A March 2011 Cornell University Study estimated the greenhouse gas emissions associated with fracked gas are 20% to 50% higher than emissions from coal. A January 2011 research study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency showed that methane releases from the hydraulic fracturing of shale gas were 9,000 times higher than previously reported.

The release of the studies could immediately shape the increasingly intense public debate over drilling and hydraulic fracturing. France is on track to be the first country to ban hydraulic fracking. Quebec implemented a partial ban, pending further study, following recommendations of a government commissioned report. A provincial review of fracking is scheduled in Nova Scotia.


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Celebrate Nature Play Day Canada on June 15th

On June 15th, the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada and its members, collaborators and fans are encouraging all Canadians to get outside and play! For more information, inspiration and to register your event go to

Register your Nature Play Day Canada event and pledge to participate in an outdoor activity on June 15th. If you have children in your life, be sure to bring them along! Your activity can be as simple as a picnic in a local park or as extravagant as a community festival! Registered events will be entered to win prizes! Resources are also available online to help with ideas and inspiration. Also, visit us at

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Action Alert

Demand Clean Air and Healthy Oceans

We can't survive without air and water. Yet our air is polluted with emissions, and our oceans are largely unprotected. On Wednesday June 8th, the world is celebrating both World Oceans Day and Clean Air Day. It's the perfect time to send a message to Environment Minister Peter Kent and tell him it's his duty to protect our air and oceans. Go to David Suzuki's website:

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Opportunities/Calls for Delegates/Proposals

Native Prairie Appreciation Week 2011 Poster Contest

If you are between the ages of 9-17, SK PCAP is asking you to get your imagination rolling and illustrate for us how you experience and enjoy native prairie using our theme “Step Into the World of Native Prairie.” For complete details, visit Deadline: Post dated by June 11, 2011.

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Canadian Wildlife Federation – Water Worth It! Video Contest

Rivers to Oceans Week, beginning World Oceans Day June 8 and encompassing Canadian Rivers Day June 12, is here and the Canadian Wildlife Federation is celebrating with the Water's Worth It! video contest. The contest is your opportunity to celebrate the water that makes Canada special and to make a real difference in the health of your local water body.

Send us a one-minute video telling us what’s so special about your local body of water and why it’s worth conserving. If you win, CWF will contribute $2,000 in funding towards a water-conservation project in your area. Our contest has been extended and we are now accepting entries until June 20, 2011, with online voting to choose the winner at, from Canada Day until July 7.

You can also visit for a variety of water-related resources including lesson plans, water ecology videos and information about Canadian aquatic species. Check it out to find water-related events and activities happening across the country.

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Employment Opportunities

Program Manager, Energy Efficiency Campaign

Location: Regina

Summerhill develops and executes profitable strategies that move the market toward better choices for consumers and the environment. Currently we are seeking an experienced Program Manager to support an energy efficiency campaign. Preferred candidates will have previous experience and expertise in project/program delivery, marketing, sales and client relationship management. The position is based in Regina, and reports into the head office in Toronto, Ontario.

Deadline for applications is Friday June 24, 2011. Details on the RCEN Job Board at

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Redberry Lake Watershed AEGP Technician

Location: Hafford, SK, Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve

The BMP Technician works one-on-one with local farmers/ranchers to initiate and implement Beneficial Management Practices on the landscape to address local agri-environmental issues. Other responsibilities include promoting good stewardship, composing newsletters, carrying out range and riparian area health assessments, hosting producer events, reporting to funders and other duties as outlined in the project contract and by the E.D. of the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve.

Skills Required/ Qualifications: Knowledge of riparian area and land management and of the issues and challenges prevalent to Saskatchewan farming operations is essential; Agriculture/Environment related degree or diploma with several years of relevant agricultural/environmental experience an asset; Familiarity with invasive species and their integrated management; Experience in agricultural extension and agricultural program delivery is an asset; Interested in and aware of agri-environmental issues; Self-motivated with good organizational skills; Must have a valid driver's licence, reliable vehicle; Knowledge of the local area; Computer literate with knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access; Some knowledge in working with aerial photos.

Duration of Contract to March 31, 2013, with flexible hours. The monetary amount of the contract is negotiable. This is a 3/4 time position with the option of a 1/4 time position with the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve to bring it to full time. Application deadline: June 30, 2011. Please send a cover letter, resumé and two references in confidence to: Andrew Hawrysh, Chairperson for Redberry Lake Watershed AEGP, Box 221, Hafford, SK S0J 1A0. Email: Fax: (306) 549-4061.

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A Green Economy for Canada: Consulting with Canadians

GreenEconomyCIELAP's national research study, authored by Carolyn Webb and Thomas C. Esakin, sought the perspectives of diverse Canadian stakeholders on what a Green Economy could mean for Canada in the lead-up to Rio+20. Between November 2010 and February 2011 CIELAP conducted 27 interviews with participants from Canadian provinces, territories and municipalities, professional business associations, and non-government organizations. The study summarizes what was heard. Download the report at

If this paper and Rio+20 are of interest to you, check out We Canada at, a nation-wide initiative for sustainability that aims to bring the diversity of Canadian voices to the Earth Summit 2012, and to the attention of our government. We Canada is about talking, about sharing, about creating a community of engaged citizens around common ideas and concerns for our future.

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The Greenest Computers

Computers for Kids sell refurbished computers $145 - $295. Plus for every computer sold, two will go to people in need. Computers For Kids is a registered charity in Saskatoon that recycles, refurbishes and diverts thousands of computers from the waste stream every year. They are located at 322 Avenue C South in Saskatoon and at 1450 Park Street in Regina

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Coming Events


EECOM 2011 National Conference

June 8 - 11, University of Regina

The 2011 Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) conference will focus on exploring the issues of learning and being active in society AND our environment. The conference theme is "Exploring the Socioecological in Education and Culture: Becoming Active Participants in Change". Annie Leonard, of The Story of Stuff, is one of the keynote speakers.

Registration is now open: details are at

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Solar Bus Tour

June 18th, starting at Candy Cane Park

Saskatchewan Solar Tours is having their 2nd Annual bus tour of homes and business powered by solar energy. On Saturday June 18, 2011 the bus will take participants to view first hand a variety of solar and wind installations within Regina and in the surrounding rural area.

The Tour has two separate components: a morning Urban Tour and an afternoon Rural Tour. Participants can opt to take one or both of the tours. (Please bring a lunch if you plan to take both tours.) The morning Urban Tour will visit sites within Regina. The bus leaves Candy Cane Park (just east of the Science Centre on Wascana Drive) at 9 am and returns at noon. The afternoon Rural Tour travels to sites in and around Pilot Butte, White City and Lumsden. The bus leaves Candy Cane Park at 1 pm and returns at 5 pm.

Tickets for each tour are $20. They can be purchased at Nature’s Best Market (2224 – 14th Avenue) or contact David Orban at 522-6543 or Solar professionals or the owners will be on site to explain the solar systems and answer questions. The Solar Bus Tour is sponsored by WestSource, Kelln Solar, W.C. Greenpower Solutions, and Clean Green Regina.

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Teaching and Learning With Monarch Butterflies

July 19 - 20, Regina

Teaching and Learning With Monarch Butterflies is a two-day workshop combining classroom and field experiences which will inspire PreK - Grade 8 teachers to bring the Monarch story to the classroom through literacy, math, science, the arts, technology, geography and social studies. Through this fascinating, yet simple story, students will learn to make connections to nature, to aboriginal cultures and to the land that sustains us all.

The workshop is taught collaboratively by a team of experienced educators from Manitoba, Ontario and New Jersey. Participating teachers are provided with the knowledge, experience, materials and confidence to raise Monarchs in their classrooms and to create an outstanding learning experience for their students and school community.

Cost $95 per participant. For more information and/or registration contact OR Jan Kushnier

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Film: The Pisim Project

June 8th, 7 pm, J.S. Wood Library, 1801 Lansdowne Ave.

"The Pisim Project" is a film that follows a group of grade 10 students along their journey to building a house using energy efficient technology as well as traditional building methods in Cumberland House, Saskatchewan. The documentary shows what the students learned, what they saw, who they met and the process they went through in becoming role models for other youth in Canada and the world. Event co-sponsored by the J.S. Wood and Saskatchewan Environmental Society. For more information phone 665-1915.

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Green Drinks

June 10th, 5:30 pm, the Crazy Cactus

The next green drinks is this Friday June 10th Location: Crazy Cactus on Ruth and Melrose. Starting around 5:30 pm going till whenever.

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WAM Fundraiser

June 11th, 2 - 11:30 pm, Cosmo Senior Centre

We Are Many has several projects on the go, but we need to recharge the bank account in order to see them continue moving forward. There will be a family friendly show in the afternoon, starting at 2 pm. Bring your kids down and enjoy an afternoon of music featuring Shakey Wilson, Will Robbins, and others! There's a rumour going around about a Shakey Wilson + Shoulder Crow puppet show, and lots of activities set up, like face-painting.

There'll be a rock and roll show in the evening starting at 7:30 pm and featuring the talents of Let's Get Ugly, The Karpinka Brothers, Shakey Wilson, the Seahags, Catdad, plus others. Find out about our current projects and how you can get involved this summer! Cost is $10 per show / $15 for both.

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Sun Cycle 2011 - Cycling Festival

June 12th, 12 - 4 pm, Saskatoon Farmer's Market Square (19th St & Ave B)

Whether you're 8 mo or 80 yrs. One spot. One afternoon. Free admission. Celebrating all things cycling in Saskatoon. Local Bike Groups & Orgs, Bike Shops, Demos, Safety Riding Course, Kids Crafts, Music, Short Docs, Food. If you would like to volunteer your time to help organize or help out on the day of the event, email

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SOS Elms Annual General Meeting

June 14th, 7 pm, The Refinery, 609 Dufferin

SOS Elms Coalition will hold its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday June 14th at 7 pm at The Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre, 609 Dufferin Avenue, Saskatoon. More on SOS Elms Coalition at Everyone is welcome!

SOS Elms will also be holding a fund raising Yard Sale on Saturday June 18th at 501 Albert Ave. Donations are welcome - please call 244-3082.

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ICUCEC Annual General Meeting and Party

June 18th, 3:30 pm, St. Joseph's Hall, Broadway & 8th Street

ICUCEC cordially invites all who have worked with us over the years to our AGM (3:30 p.m.) followed by our 30th Anniversary Party (5 p.m.), Saturday, 18 June, St. Joseph's Hall, Broadway & 8th Street. Potluck. Bring a musical instrument, your singing voice, a dance routine, whatever, for our entertainment. Hope to see you there.

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Spruce up Your Exercise Routine: Join Trash Dashers

Sundays at 9 am, various locations in Saskatoon

Trash Dashers is a local initiative and is community fitness at its best: it’s free, fun, interactive and helps maintain our health and the health of our community. People of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels are encouraged to join us in rain, snow or shine so encourage your friends and family (and pets!) to come along too! Every Sunday morning during the summer months we meet at 9 am in parks around Saskatoon to do a walking or jogging park clean-up until litter has found its way to a garbage can and recyclables have been collected. Our schedule for 2011 can be found under the info section of our facebook page or on our website:

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Saskatoon Permaculture Design Certificate 2011

August 14th - 27th, University of Saskatchewan

The PDC is an intensive certificate course, as 72 hours of class and field work time are covered in two weeks. The course runs 6 days per week for these two weeks. Lunch is provided as part of the course. If you are coming from out of town, you will have to find your own accommodations. Registration and payment is handled through the University of Saskatchewan's Centre for Continuing and Distance Education. Details at

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Permaculture Forest Garden Workshop

June 17th - 20th, Ness Creek Site, Big River, SK

In partnership with the Saskatchewan Boreal Forest Learning Centre and the Ness Creek Ecological, Hatchet and Seed Contracting will be hosting a Permaculture Forest Garden workshop from June 17-20. The four day, hands-on ‘Forest Garden Workshop’ workshop will demonstrate extreme cold climate techniques for low-maintenance food production. Details at [ click Forest Garden Workshop at Ness Creek ]

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Homes Made of Straw .........Are You Kidding? Strawbale Workshop

June 17th - 19th, Craik Sustainable Living Project, Craik

Bring your questions, scepticism, and design ideas (if you have them) for a fun-filled weekend as we explore the details of building a strawbale home. Builders Dan and Dave are back again to share their experiences and help you construct a small demonstration building during the workshop. With a mix of classroom discussion and hands-on experience, you will learn the answers to the most common questions, including "How much does it cost?", "Is it a fire hazard?", "Are mice a problem?", and "Did the Big Bad Wolf really blow one down?". Bring your spouse.....Bring your friends.....You can even bring your Building Inspector!

CALL TODAY to reserve your spot to join us for an experience you don't want to miss! Cost is $225 per person. With the summer building season just ahead, the first 12 participants signed up will also receive an exclusive presentation on the best way to tell your friends and family why there is suddenly a stack of bales in your backyard! To reserve your spot or for more information, contact Shirley: or phone 306-734-2605. Details at

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NPSS Rare Plant Survey in Grasslands National Park

June 10th - 11th, Grasslands National Park

Do you know your native plants? If so, then the Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan wants you! Join the Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan at Grasslands National Park for a survey for rare plants. We will be surveying the area leading up to 70 Mile Butte. In 2009 we visited the same area and found close to 100 different plant species, including 11 provincially-rare species so there will be plenty to see! The information we collect will help park managers in their decisions regarding visitor access to the area. The event is free to attend, but please contact Chet Neufeld at (306) 668-3940 or so that we can plan accordingly.

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NPSS field tour to Prince Albert National Park

June 18th - 19th, Prince Albert National Park

On June 18 - 19 celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our national park service by joining the Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan on a tour of Prince Albert National Park. We will be travelling to rarely visited areas not normally accessible to the general public and will visit many diverse habitats including fescue prairie, boreal forest, riparian areas and bogs. There are few other places where you can see so much in such a short time! Plant and bird life abounds, and if we’re lucky we might spot an otter, bison, bear or wolf!

This tour is open to everyone and every age. There is no cost, but please register by contacting Chet Neufeld at (306) 668-3940 or so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. An itinerary can be found on our website at

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Both Sides Now: 13th Annual Society for Range Management Tour

June 23rd, Maryfield, SK and Cromer, MB areas

The Range Tour will be held in conjunction with the 2011 Native Prairie Appreciation Week. Hosted by the SRM Prairie Parkland Chapter, this event features tour stops showcasing range management techniques, a forage benchmarking project on native prairie, brush control and much more! Registration deadline is June 16, 2011. For more information call 306.634.7072 or 204.578.3634.

Lots more events at the SEN Event Calendar:

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