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June 23, 2011

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Employment Opportunities



SEN Annual General Meeting and Keynote Presentation

The Saskatchewan Eco-network's Annual General Meeting will be held Saturday June 25th, 2011 at 1 pm in the basement of St. James Anglican Church Hall, Dufferin & 12th St. in Saskatoon. Join members of the SEN as we meet to discuss directions for the network and the events of the past year. This is YOUR network; help to make it work for you!

Jeff Sereda will be one of our key-note speakers. Sereda is a Post-doctorate Fellow at the School of the Environment and Sustainability, giving the presentation: "Lake Diefenbaker: A look into the past to see into the future". He attained his Aquaculture Technician Diploma from Sir Sandford Fleming College. Sereda works in the research area of Biology, focusing on the health of lake ecosystems. Sereda primarily studies the effects of the phosphorus cycle on the lake ecosystems; his thesis titled "Novel Pathways in the Phosphorus Cycle of Lakes".

Sereda's presentation introduces the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) program. He will be discussing background information on Lake Diefenbaker. Sereda will explain the interest in Lake Diefenbaker and will describe the key projects that are occurring on the lake.

Lalita Bharadwaj will also be presenting. Bharadwaj is an associate-professor at the School of Public Health, giving the presentation: "Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR): A Tool for Developing Partnerships for the Management of Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan". Bharadwaj works in the research area of Toxicology, Human Health Risk Assessment, and Community Based Education Model. She has worked on grants for Water and Health in Indigenous Communities Meetings Planning and Dissemination Grant, First Nations Drinking Water Safety Program: Ensuring the Health of First Nations Children, Youth and Families, and Saskatchewan First Nations Community Drinking Water Quality, Infrastructure and Potential Health Effects.

Bharadwaj's presentation discusses the community partnerships for the management of Lake Diefenbaker; working to develop sustainable community-based environmental protection and management strategies. It explains using CBPR as a tool to assess the health of Lake Diefenbaker and its connection to the social and health conditions of the community.

Download the PDF.

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Parking Cost More than Meets the Eye

Saskatoon, June 22, 2011 – Saskatoon Cycles is calling for a review of Saskatoon’s parking policies. "We need an honest calculation of car parking costs and the introduction of bicycle parking requirements in our zoning bylaws to reduce transportation costs and traffic congestion."

“It’s rare to find a business or other destination that provides bicycle parking. It’s even rarer for such a space to be convenient and safe. That’s partly because, unlike car parking, there are no requirements to provide bicycle parking in our zoning bylaws,” says Miranda Jones, a cyclist and Saskatoon Cycles member.

Improving parking options for cyclists can result in significant financial savings. “The actual cost of car parking is rarely known,” says Tom Wolf, a researcher with Saskatoon Cycles. “A single underground car parking space can cost as much as $80,000 to build in Saskatoon. That’s more than the entire annual cycling budget for the city of Saskatoon. And although this cost is passed on, it isn’t questioned.”


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Digging Into the Data: Canada’s Latest Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

Canada's most recent report to the UN's climate change convention has proven surprisingly controversial, not so much for what's in it as for what was left out. Media reports from across Canada , the U.S and the U.K. this week took Canada to task for failing to provide an estimate of greenhouse gas emissions from the oilsands in the federal government's annual report.

The media stories have provoked some interesting questions about transparency, accountability and what's really going on in the oilsands. This blog gives a bit of background about what the annual emission reports do, and why we can all benefit from a greater understanding of where Canada's greenhouse gas pollution comes from.

Full Story:

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Driving Can Lead to Deadliest Skin Cancer, Study Suggests

This summer, it might be a good idea to keep your windows rolled up while driving. A new study conducted by the University of Washington suggests drivers are at increased risk of developing potentially deadly melanoma and merkel cell skin cancers.

The report, which was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, found that when skin cancer occurred on one side of the body of American patients, 52 per cent of melanoma cases and 53 per cent of merkel cell carcinomas occurred on the left side. On the upper arms, 55 per cent of merkel cell cases developed on the left side.

The new study provides strong evidence that driving may be to blame in these cases, as the left side of the body, particularly the arm, is exposed to more ultraviolet rays, researchers say. According to the Canadian Dermatology Association, melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is now the seventh most frequent cancer in Canada, affecting 5,300 people in 2010 and causing 920 deaths.

Keeping the window rolled up on a sunny day can offer a degree of protection, as this will block most UVB rays, an intense form of UV that often causes sunburns. But this new study suggests that it might not be such a bad idea to apply sun screen before getting behind the wheel during the summer months.

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Canada Legally Required to Take Action on Human Right to Water: Report

Ottawa – As the first anniversary of the UN General Assembly's historic recognition of the human right to water and sanitation draws near, the Council of Canadians is releasing a new report today by chairperson Maude Barlow, titled Our Right to Water: A People’s Guide to Implementing the United Nations’ Recognition of the Right to Water and Sanitation. The report is available here.

The report finds that Canada is legally bound to respect the UN vote, and therefore to address the pressing issue of access to water and sanitation in First Nations communities.

While the July 28, 2010 General Assembly resolution was not binding, two months later the Human Rights Council also recognized the human right to water and sanitation in a similar resolution, setting out exactly what this new right entails for governments. Because the Human Rights Council resolution is based on two existing treaties, it rendered the first right to water resolution binding. In other words, as the UN acknowledges, “The right to water and sanitation is a human right, equal to all other human rights, which implies that it is justiciable and enforceable.”

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Sask. Gov't Offering Early Disaster Assistance Payments to Flooding Victims

REGINA — For the second year in a row, the provincial government is offering special advance payments to flooding victims applying to the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP). Those applying to PDAP to cover damage can receive $3,000 as a preliminary payment. Additional payments will go out to those whose applications are for more than $3,000.

It is expected that the early payment cheques will be available within two weeks from filing, although that depends on how many claims are filed. During the labour dispute at Canada Post, PDAP applications are being accepted by email at and fax at 798-2318, They can also be dropped off at claimants’ rural municipality, town or village offices or their city hall. Claimants will be notified by a PDAP representative when they are approved for the early payment and provided with details of where and when to pick up cheques.

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Employment Opportunities

Program Manager, Energy Efficiency Campaign

Location: Regina

Summerhill develops and executes profitable strategies that move the market toward better choices for consumers and the environment. Currently we are seeking an experienced Program Manager to support an energy efficiency campaign. Preferred candidates will have previous experience and expertise in project/program delivery, marketing, sales and client relationship management. The position is based in Regina, and reports into the head office in Toronto, Ontario.

Deadline for applications is Friday June 24, 2011. Details on the RCEN Job Board at

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Redberry Lake Watershed AEGP Technician

Location: Hafford, SK, Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve

The BMP Technician works one-on-one with local farmers/ranchers to initiate and implement Beneficial Management Practices on the landscape to address local agri-environmental issues. Other responsibilities include promoting good stewardship, composing newsletters, carrying out range and riparian area health assessments, hosting producer events, reporting to funders and other duties as outlined in the project contract and by the E.D. of the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve.

Skills Required/ Qualifications: Knowledge of riparian area and land management and of the issues and challenges prevalent to Saskatchewan farming operations is essential; Agriculture/Environment related degree or diploma with several years of relevant agricultural/environmental experience an asset; Familiarity with invasive species and their integrated management; Experience in agricultural extension and agricultural program delivery is an asset; Interested in and aware of agri-environmental issues; Self-motivated with good organizational skills; Must have a valid driver's licence, reliable vehicle; Knowledge of the local area; Computer literate with knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access; Some knowledge in working with aerial photos.

Duration of Contract to March 31, 2013, with flexible hours. The monetary amount of the contract is negotiable. This is a 3/4 time position with the option of a 1/4 time position with the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve to bring it to full time. Application deadline: June 30, 2011. Please send a cover letter, resumé and two references in confidence to: Andrew Hawrysh, Chairperson for Redberry Lake Watershed AEGP, Box 221, Hafford, SK S0J 1A0. Email: Fax: (306) 549-4061.

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Complete Streets Workshops: Workshops in Your Community

For the past three years the Sustainable Alberta Association has been delivering and custom designing Complete Street Workshops with the support of Transport Canada. They are now making workshops available to any city or region in Canada. They work with you the municipal decision maker, the transportation advocate or other interest group to research and deliver an engaging, insightful and inspiring workshop that will take your region one step further down the road to creating more livable street in your community. Details at:

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Blowing Smoke: Correcting Anti-Wind Myths in Ontario

This report from Environmental Defence aims to correct the main myths of these anti-wind activists, using credible scientific, mainstream sources to correct the record and to give communities the information they need to make sound decisions.

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A Green Economy for Canada: Consulting with Canadians

GreenEconomyCIELAP's national research study, authored by Carolyn Webb and Thomas C. Esakin, sought the perspectives of diverse Canadian stakeholders on what a Green Economy could mean for Canada in the lead-up to Rio+20. Between November 2010 and February 2011 CIELAP conducted 27 interviews with participants from Canadian provinces, territories and municipalities, professional business associations, and non-government organizations. The study summarizes what was heard. Download the report at

If this paper and Rio+20 are of interest to you, check out We Canada at, a nation-wide initiative for sustainability that aims to bring the diversity of Canadian voices to the Earth Summit 2012, and to the attention of our government. We Canada is about talking, about sharing, about creating a community of engaged citizens around common ideas and concerns for our future.

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Out of Your Tree: Fruit Sharing Group

Out of Your Tree is an urban fruit sharing group in Saskatoon. There is fruit grown in our community that could be harvested and used. Instead a large portion of it ends up on the ground, in the compost or in the garbage.

The idea is simple, how it generally works is a group of volunteers harvest the fruit, 1/3 is left with the home owner, 1/3 is donated and 1/3 is kept by the volunteers. This program has been very successful in many other cities here in Canada.

Currently, we are focusing on our own neighbourhood, North Park Richmond Heights, but any one is welcome to join the group and organise fruit sharing in their own neighbourhood.

If you would like to volunteer or join our harvesting team please fill out this online registration form

If you would like to register a tree or a plant (apple, raspberry, saskatoon, cherry, rhubarb, etc.) please fill in out online fruit registration form

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The Greenest Computers

Computers for Kids sell refurbished computers $145 - $295. Plus for every computer sold, two will go to people in need. Computers For Kids is a registered charity in Saskatoon that recycles, refurbishes and diverts thousands of computers from the waste stream every year. They are located at 322 Avenue C South in Saskatoon and at 1450 Park Street in Regina

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Coming Events


Regina Trash Dashers

Regina Trash Dashers is a brand new organization which was founded by a high school student in Regina. Inspired by Saskatoon Trash Dashers, the group will be focused on going out to certain locations on certain dates to clean up as much garbage in the general vicinity as possible. By doing this, they aim to make Regina look cleaner, healthier, and more well-kept. But most of all, by picking up trash, they are helping the environment and the plants & animals that call Regina home. Join the cause today!

To get involved, contact: Kris Mutafov, (306)949-2119. For more information on the Saskatoon Trash Dashers, check out their website .

Facebook Page:!/pages/Regina-Trash-Dashers.

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Haiti and Food Security: SCIC Development Issues Lunch

June 30th, 12 pm, Old College Campus - Gallery Building Room 106

Come out to hear Regina resident Bonnie Morton speak about her recent trip to Haiti.

SCIC member organization, the United Church of Canada (UCC), is a partner in a US based organization called Agricultural Missions Inc. Following the earthquake in 2010 the UCC contributed funds to Agricultural Missions Inc. for food security work among its Haitian partners working in rural areas. In April 2011 a delegation of seven people visited three rural areas of Haiti. Although the poverty and devastation were very visible, there was also the sense of hope from the actions and assistance of the peasant movement. Hope lives in Haiti!

Lunch will be served. Please pre-register for this event by contacting Joan at 757-4669 or Registration will be open until Tuesday June 28 at noon. Please bring $10 at the door to cover the cost of lunch. SCIC would like to thank the Life Long Learning Centre for providing us with space.

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Cuba Caravan Visits Regina

July 3rd, Cathedral Neighborhood Centre

Potluck supper and entertainment! Mark your calendars! The Cuba Caravan will be back in Regina. This year the organizers are asking people to not donate good, they have no space to transport it to Cuba, so please just attend the event and consider making a financial donation.

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Teaching and Learning With Monarch Butterflies

July 19 - 20, Regina

Teaching and Learning With Monarch Butterflies is a two-day workshop combining classroom and field experiences which will inspire PreK - Grade 8 teachers to bring the Monarch story to the classroom through literacy, math, science, the arts, technology, geography and social studies. Through this fascinating, yet simple story, students will learn to make connections to nature, to aboriginal cultures and to the land that sustains us all.

The workshop is taught collaboratively by a team of experienced educators from Manitoba, Ontario and New Jersey. Participating teachers are provided with the knowledge, experience, materials and confidence to raise Monarchs in their classrooms and to create an outstanding learning experience for their students and school community.

Cost $95 per participant. For more information and/or registration contact OR Jan Kushnier

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Quint's Annual General Meeting

June 23rd, 5:30 - 9 pm, St. George’s Senior Citizen’s Centre, 1235 20th St. W.

Everyone is invited to Quint's Annual General Meeting Supper and Entertainment – 5:30 pm. Meeting – 6:30 pm. Quint’s Annual Report including audited financial statements will be available. For more information: Phone: 978-4041 Email:

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Critical Mass Saskatoon's June Ride

24 June 24th, 6 pm, Vimy Memorial Bandshell Spadina & 20th St.

This Friday is already the last Friday of the month of June. You know what that means: it's bike riding time! Critical Mass is a celebration of bike culture, so why don't you bring your bike, your friends on bikes, and get ready for some fun? See you there! Same time and place as usual. Rain or shine, we ride.

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SOS Elms Yard Sale, Saskatoon

June 25th, 8 am - 3 pm, 501 Albert Ave.

SOS Elms Coalition will be holding a fund raising Yard Sale on Saturday June 25th, 2011 at 501 Albert Ave., Saskatoon (rescheduled from last week). Donations are welcome - please call 244-3082 to arrange pick-up or drop-off.

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SEN Annual General Meeting and Keynote Presentation

June 25th, 1 - 4 pm, St. James Church Hall, Dufferin Ave. & 12th St.

1 pm - business meeting; 2:30 pm keynote speaker and discussion

Our keynote speaker will be Jeff Sereda, a Postdoctorate Fellow at the School of the Environment and Sustainability, giving the presentation: "Lake Diefenbaker: A look into the past to see into the future".

Join members of the SEN as we meet to discuss directions for the network and the events of the past year. This is YOUR network; help to make it work for you! RSVP to SEN at or phone 306-652-1275.

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Spruce up Your Exercise Routine: Join Trash Dashers

Sundays at 9 am, various locations in Saskatoon

Trash Dashers is a local initiative and is community fitness at its best: it’s free, fun, interactive and helps maintain our health and the health of our community. People of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels are encouraged to join us in rain, snow or shine so encourage your friends and family (and pets!) to come along too! Every Sunday morning during the summer months we meet at 9 am in parks around Saskatoon to do a walking or jogging park clean-up until litter has found its way to a garbage can and recyclables have been collected. Our schedule for 2011 can be found under the info section of our facebook page or on our website:

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Film: Permaculture

July 8th, 7 pm, Broadway Theatre

The Permaculture Research Institute of Saskatchewan will be hosting a permaculture film night on Friday, July 8 at 7:00 pm. We will be screening the film Permaculture Soils,which comes from the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and features Geoff Lawton,one of the foremost permaculture practitioners in the world. After the film we will have a discussion, facilitated by the Permaculture Research Institute of Saskatchewan. Cost will be $12/general, $10 for students.

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Saskatoon Permaculture Design Certificate 2011

August 14th - 27th, University of Saskatchewan

The PDC is an intensive certificate course, as 72 hours of class and field work time are covered in two weeks. The course runs 6 days per week for these two weeks. Lunch is provided as part of the course. If you are coming from out of town, you will have to find your own accommodations. Registration and payment is handled through the University of Saskatchewan's Centre for Continuing and Distance Education. Details at

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Nature Education Tours

The Centre for Continuing and Distance Education provides a wide selection of lab-based, outdoor, and travel programs for all age groups to help participants learn about science, nature, and sustainable living. Their nature and science courses are available for adults, children, K-12 science teachers, as well as ecology immersion camps to destinations around Saskatchewan, Canada and the world. Based on a foundation of Science, Education, and Ethics. Programs include Churchill Manitoba Polar Bear Ecology Tour and trips to Jasper, South Africa and Costa Rica.

Details at:

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"In Search of SOLE Food": Bridging Relationships Between Farmers and Consumers

June 24th (6 pm supper) to June 26 (3 pm)

Join us for an adventurous road trip in search of Sustainable Organic Local Ethical food. We will begin with a local meal and conversation at Calling Lakes. On Saturday we plan to travel by van to explore a Farmer’s market and meet 3 farm families who are members of the Good Spirit Weston A. Price Chapter which is committed to organic farming, pasture-feeding of livestock, food education and helping consumers find healthy food that can be purchased directly from farmers. We will tour their farms and hear how each farm family defines SOLE food, why they put their life energy into producing good quality food and building direct relationships with consumers, how consumers can support farmers in this endeavor, as well as become informed about the array of products they produce and how to access them. In the evening we will participate in a barbecue and Weston A. Price meeting, spend the night with host farm families (camping is also an option) and enjoy a farm breakfast before heading back to Calling Lakes for lunch and final reflections.

Details at

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Tour: Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area

June 25th, 10 am - 4 pm

Join the Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan at Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area. We will tour areas where prescribed fires were conducted as well as recently restored prairie area, a native plant nursery and native seed cleaning facility. Bird diversity in the area is very high so you'll be sure to see interesting plants and animals. Contact Chet Neufeld at or 668-3940 for details and to register (free).

For more info, visit:,231

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Co-op Classic Golf Tournament

July 8th, Harbor Golf Club and Resort, Elbow, SK

Registration: 10:00 am; Tee off: 11:00 am. Funds raised will assist the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) and Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program (SCYP). This is a great networking opportunity for co-operators, sponsors, suppliers and friends of CDF and SCA. For more information go to

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Lots more events at the SEN Event Calendar: