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July 15th, 2014

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Action Alert




Mike Wolsfeld Named SEN Administrator

This is the first SEN info bulletin from myself, Mike Wolsfeld, the new SEN Administrator. After working this spring on a UN environmental project in Nassau, The Bahamas, I am excited to return to my hometown to begin working in the non-profit environmental sector. I look forward to meeting many of you and working together with all of you to help Saskatchewan become a more sustainable and environmentally conscious province.

If you have any questions or would like to get to know me better feel free to send an email to or give me a call at the SEN office at (306)652-1275

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SEN Celebrates World Rivers Day 2014!

Celebrate World Rivers Day 2014 with the Saskatchewan Eco Network on Saturday September 27th! SEN will be hosting an event in Saskatoon where all are invited. Environmental and water organizations from around the province are encouraged to join us with information booths, activities, workshops and more. A planning committee has been assembled and more information is coming soon. If you would like to join the planning committee or if your organization would like to participate in the celebration please contact SEN to let us know.

We are also encouraging municipalities and watershed authorities to organize their own event to celebrate the ecological, recreational, and many other benefits of their rivers. The event can be something as simple as a community river clean up, barbeque and river walk, or hosting a speaker to talk about your river! Once you decide on your event, let us know and we will register your community on the list of the thousands of communities worldwide who are celebrating this World Rivers Day 2014.

The Saskatchewan Eco Network would be more than happy to provide support and connect your municipality or water organization to resource persons, water film recommendations or ideas for this event. For any questions please contact us at or (306) 652-1275.

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SEN's Earth Overshoot Festival

Earth Overshoot Day is the approximate date our resource consumption for a given year exceeds the planet's ability to replenish. After this date, we begin using more resources than our planet can provide in a year's time. Every year this date gets earlier and earlier. Every year we use more and more resources that our planet cannot reproduce.

SEN is hosting a music festival outside Regina for Earth Overshoot Day on August 23rd and 24th featuring bands, dancing, gardening and sustainability workshops, and more! Join us and have a great time while learning about how we can live more sustainably as individuals and as a culture.

Tickets and other details coming soon at our Facebook event page here

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New Research Shows Suburban Sprawl Cancels Out Environmental Benefits of Cities

Saskatchewan is no stranger to urban sprawl. New research from the University of California at Berkley shows how cities with sprawling suburban communities can essentially negate the environmental benefits from a dense urban core.

With new suburbs being built every year in Saskatchewan cities like Saskatoon and Regina farther and farther away from the downtown core, our cities are releasing increasing amounts of greenhouse gases. These increases in aren't simply due to longer commutes, but also the extra fuel and energy needed to transport goods and services to these satellite communities.

These findings stress the importance of action, such as Saskatoon City Council's recent decision to remove the downtown building height restriction. Building denser cities allows us to use less, share the load, and use less energy in our daily lives

Read more:

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CAN-Rac Appoints New Executive Director Dr Louise Comeau

Dr. Christian Holz has stepped down as the Executive Director of the Climate Action Network Canada - Réseau action climat Canada (CAN-Rac) following two and a half years of exemplary leadership. The CAN-Rac Board of Directors has appointed Dr. Louise Comeau as the next Executive Director.

Dr. Comeau struck CAN-Rec as a high energy, talented, compelling, and strategically savvy individual with a strong history in environmental policy and planning. They are convinced that she will help steer the organization and our movement toward great achievements in our fight for climate action in Canada.

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BC professionals pledge joint action on climate change

As national controversy about how to address climate change continues, four of BC’s professional associations have released a joint statement recognizing that “climate change is occurring and it has fundamental impacts on British Columbia’s communities and ecosystems.”This is the first time anywhere in the world that a joint statement of this kind has been released by professional associations.

The Association of BC Forest Professionals, The College of Applied Biology, The Association of Professional Biology, and the Planning Institute of BC have committed to take steps to enable and encourage their members to "incorporate the best available climate-science into [their] professional decisions." This is a commitment that will allow the cooperation of more than 9000 professionals in addressing climate change.

This joint commitment paves the way for professional associations in Canada and around the world to start a discussion on their role and responsibility in combating climate change.

Read the press release here

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Action Alert

Help Bring Affordable Electric Cars to Saskatchewan

The Chevrolet Volt has won dozens of awards including 2009 Green Car Vision Award, 2011 Green Car of the Year, and North American Car of the Year. It has an electric drive train with a total electric range of 60-70km and plugs in to a standard outlet for an overnight charge. It includes a small gas powered generator to charge the batteries once they run out of charge, making it ideal for the Saskatchewan city-dweller who still has the need for highway travel.

Unfortunately, these cars are difficult to find in the prairies, and are fairly expensive. However, they are more common in Quebec and available used for much lower prices, thanks to significant grants available in the province.

Lynn Oliphant of the Craik Sustainable Living Project is looking to form an informal cooperative to bring some of these cars from Quebec to Saskatchewan at affordable prices. Lynn is planning to hold a gathering where people can test-drive the car and discuss bringing in cars from Quebec. Anyone interested can contact Lynn Oliphant at

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Suncor Campaign: "See what Yes is doing"

A new Suncor campaign has launched, and activism group Sum Of Us is targeting the company's greenwashing with tongue firmly in cheek. After Suncor launched a large ad campaign touting their environmental stewardship called "What Yes Can Do," Sum Of Us launched a parallel campaign titled "What Yes Is Doing."

The parody ad campaign released by Sum Of Us highlights the lobbying and greenwashing techniques used by Suncor to deceive the public and the government in the interest of their bottom line. "What Yes Is Doing" uses humour to shed light on the environmental short-comings of the Canadian energy giant by mimicking the company's own campaign.

The parody ad campaign is followed by a petition created by Sum Of Us in an effort to impose absolute limits on water withdrawals and a ban on waste water dumping, which Suncor is actively trying to prevent.

Check out the parody campaign and sign the petition at and check out Suncor's original ad campaign at

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Petition to Landlock the Tar Sands

Despite strong opposition from the scientific community, northern indigenous communities and members of the public, the Northern Gateway Pipeline has been approved. The pipeline would slice through the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest and put its fragile ecosystem at risk. Oil would be transported offshore through a historically dangerous inlet, greatly increasing the likelihood of spills and damage to ocean ecology.

BC's Premier Christy Clark has the power to stop this project, and this petition is an effort to reach out to her as concerned citizens. You can check out and sign the petition here:

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Protect Human Right to Water in Detroit

Water is a human right. Yet every week, hundreds of Detroit residents are having their water cut off by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. The plan to cut off water to 150,000 households by the end of the summer is part of the plan to sell off and privatize Detroit's water system.

By allowing thousands of people to be denied access to water and sanitation services, the U.S. government is violating its international obligation to respect and protect the human right to water and sanitation. Learn more about how you can support organizations on the front lines of this issue and sign the petition here.

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Opportunities/Call for Proposals

Pembina Insitute Hiring Three Positions

The Pembina Institute is a Canadian non-profit think tank focused on energy. The Pembina Institute advocates sustainable energy policy solutions through research, education, consulting and advocacy. Their key energy issues include ramping up energy efficiency, avoiding dangerous climate change, promoting the use of renewable energy and the responsible development of fossil fuels.

The Pembina Institute is currently hiring for the following positions.

  • Director of Transportation and Urban Solutions (Toronto)
  • Finance Manager (Calgary)
  • Senior Consulting Lead (Calgary

You can find out more about these positions at

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Miami University Earth Expeditions Master's Program

Miami University is offering a Master's program called the Global Field Program, which combines summer field training with online web learning communities. This program can be completed part-time from anywhere in the world. Applicants who currently hold a Bachelor's degree of any major can elect to enroll in either a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in the Biological Sciences, or a Master of Arts degree in Biology. The Global Field Program brings Master's degree candidates, scientists, educators, community leaders, and others together at conservation hotspots in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas for firsthand experience with inquiry-driven education, environmental stewardship, and global understanding. Find more information on the program here.

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FoodWork Has Launched

From the people who brought you, comes a unique hub for work in local, sustainable and secure food, FoodWork. Post openings or look for jobs in food non-profits, farm work, urban agriculture, farmers markets, local food restaurants, and more. Choose from experienced, passionate individuals to find the right candidate for your food organization. FoodWork can also help you find candidates for internships, summer studends, senior staff, and others. Search for jobs or post your current openings on FoodWork here.

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Coming Events


Sunshine and Salutations: Yoga in the Park

Saturdays July to August, noon

Enjoy summer in Regina with free yoga in the park every Saturday in July and August! What better way to enjoy a warm summer day than to get together for yoga and meet new people. Anyone and everyone is welcome, just be sure to bring your own yoga mat.

Find out more and register at

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Conference on Long Term Threats to the Saskatchewan River Basin

October 27-29, Delta Bessborough Hotel

The Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin and the Canadian Water Resources Association (Saskatchewan Branch) are delighted to announce their upcoming conference from October 27-29, 2014 at the Delta Bessborough Hotel. The theme for the conference will be the Long Term Threats to the Saskatchewan River Basin. In attendance at the conference will be experts in a variety of fields. Dr. Howard Wheater from the Global Institute for Water Security in Saskatoon will be presenting as a keynote speaker. For information and to register, go to

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Edible Landscaping 101

July 26th and 27th, Happy Bug Farms, 40 minutes North East of Sasakatoon

"How to create a yard you can eat using permaculture design."

Hatchet n' Seed Permaculture, Permasask and Happy Bug Farms are teaming up to provide a fun filled, hands on, practical weekend where you can explore how to get started when re-landscaping your yard, how to incorporate water harvesting features, build the best soil, companion plant for maximum yield, and more. Tayler and Solara of Hatchet n' Seed, who are teaming with experience from many different climates, will facilitate Saturday's workshop, where they will discuss how to layout a site most effectively and match plant guilds to a water system for maximum benefit. On Sunday July 27, Happy Bug Farms will facilitate a Permablitz to implement their design around a household graywater pond. (This event is optional for workshop participants.) They will also offer tours of the farm, and offer a broader context of how the pond system will improve productivity on the rest of the quarter section.

The workshop is $90 for Permasask members, and $100 for non-members. This fee will include camping, home style lunch at the farm (outdoors if it's not raining!), and will probably feature products from our backyard, including eggs from pasture raised hens.

For more information contact Jessie at: (306) 292-7151 or

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A Taste of Saskatchewan

July 15th to 20th, Kiwanis Park

Head down for some fun in the park with over 30 of Saskatoon's restaurants and have a taste of local cuisine. A Taste of Saskatchewan also features over 55 of Saskatchewan's bands and performers, so stick around for some fantastic free entertainment.

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Generating Momentum Activist Leadership Training Camp

August 21st-24th, Camp Easter Seal on Little Manitou Lake (near Watrous)

This 4-day, province-wide event has a focus on providing the practical skills, knowledge, education, and networking opportunities necessary for young leaders to make a difference in their communities. If you are 18 to 29 years of age and are passionate about social, global, and environmental justice, this camp is for you!

Registration is now open for the 5th annual Generating Momentum Camp:

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