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January 20th, 2015

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Action Alert




SEN Fracking Resistance Strategic Meeting

SEN is organizing a provincial meeting for the purpose of helping groups and individuals interested in fracking to get organized and resist the spread of fracking in our province and to work toward a ban Saskatchewan. The meeting will take place on February 28th at PAVED Arts Centre in Saskatoon (424 – 20th St West), starting at 9:30 am.

We are excited to have two great speakers to be joining us for this meeting. Emily Eaton is a professor of geography at the University of Regina and has done research on the extraction industries within Saskatchewan. She will speak on her research and experiences with fracking in Saskatchewan. Larry Kowalchuk is a Regina based lawyer who represented the New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance in their successful quest to place a moratorium on fracking in New Brunswick. He will speak on his experiences fighting against fracking and how we can accomplish the same in Saskatchewan.

We are hoping to get as many groups and individuals as possible to participate in this meeting and emerge with a meaningful plan that includes legal, educational, and legislative goals for fracking in Saskatchewan. If we work together as a network and a community, we too can get fracking banned in our province.

For more information contact us at or by phone at (306) 652-1275

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Welcome the Saskatoon CarShare Cooperative to the Network!

We're happy to welcome the Saskatoon CarShare Cooperative as the newest member of the Saskatchewan Eco Network. CarSharing is a simple and sustainable way for individuals to gain access to cars without the costs and responsibilities of car ownership. Instead of owning one or more vehicles, CarShare members have access to a network of shared vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at unattended self-service locations. CarSharing encourages the use of mass transit and active transport, and is an important part of a sustainable urban transportation system.

The Saskatoon CarShare Co-op is introducing 3 great ways to save in January:

  1. New Member Discount: all new members who sign up in January will get their application fee waived. That's $30 savings right of the get go!
  2. Casual Member Discount: for the month of January, casual members will be treated to premium co-op member rates. That's a savings of $2/hour for all your January bookings!
  3. Co-op Members Ride 4 Free: For every 3 bookings made in January, SCC Co-op members will receive their 4th booking for free! Just a little thank you for all your support. (A driving credit will be applied on your invoice.)

They're also introducing new affordable group rates.

  1. Family/household plan: now you and your family/roommates can sign up together and save. Reduced membership fees and the most affordable rates for everyone living under the same roof.
  2. Corporate plan: CarSharing can be a great cost saver for any enterprise. If your company or office is located near one of our cars on Broadway Avenue, this may be right for you. Help your business and staff cut transportation and parking costs but signing up for our Corporate Plan.

You can find out more by contacting the SCC coordinator Jessie Best at, and find out more on their website here.

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Welcome Friends of The Park to the Network!

We're also happy to welcome Friends of the Park to the Saskatchewan Eco Network. Friends of the Park is a 31 year old non-profit organization who finds value in the rich diversity sheltered within the historic context of Prince Albert National Park. In the coming years they look to further embrace some of the ideals, such as stewardship, conservation and multiculturalism. They encourage a balance between discovering and engaging with nature while at the same time preserving nature for future generations who will also want an opportunity to do the same.

Find out more about Friends of the Park at their website here

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Enbridge Line 4 Spills in Regina

The Enbridge Line 4 pipeline, which pumps 796,000 barrels per day from Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin, has spilled 1,350 barrels of oil at a pumping station in Regina. In only about two an a half minutes, this amount of oil was able to spill. This is the second spill to occur on Line 4, which spilled last January at another pump station in the south east part of the city.

Enbridge is also behind the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline that would move 525,000 barrels of bitumen per day from Alberta's tar sands through northern BC. This proposed pipeline would pass through long expanses of unpopulated wilderness where fast detection and mitigation will be more difficult. With such a significant spill that was stopped in under three minutes, it doesn't bode well for potential spills where they may not be detected for much longer.

Regina may also see more pipeline running through the city soon, with TransCanada's proposed Energy East pipeline. This pipeline would run through the southwest area of the city.

Read more on the pipeline spill here.

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Detroit Auto Show Displays Strong Commitment from Automakers to Green Technology

The Detroit Auto Show is mid-swing and already we've seen a large push from major automakers toward electric vehicles. They have responded to consumer demand and set the bar higher for what can be accomplished with electric vehicles. Electric and hybrid vehicles are getting better and more attainable every year.

2017 is shaping up to be an especially exciting year in the world of electric vehicles with three stand-out vehicles being released. The 2017 all-electric Chevrolet Bolt (not to be confused with the extended range EV the Volt), Tesla Model 3, and Nissan Leaf have all been announced with ranges of over 200 miles on a charge, which has only been achieved by the $80,000 Tesla Model S. The best part is that all three of these new members of the 200 mile club are expected to be priced around $30,000 to $35,000 American, more than half the cost of a new Model S.

Several great new hybrid and extended-range electric vehicles were also announced at the show this year, including an update to the highly popular Chevrolet Volt. The new Volt will boast an all-electric range of 50 miles. As with the current Volt, this range can be extended for long trips by using the small gasoline powered generator under the hood. 50 miles on full electric drive is more than enough for most city commuters and will have a converted fuel economy rating of 102 MPGe! The extended range mode on the new Volt is no slouch either. At 41 MPG it still gives any vehicle a run for it's money on the highway.

Read more about some of the great green cars announced at the show here.

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Action Alert

Petition: Reject Keystone XL and Protect Threatened Caribou

A green light for Keystone could mean game over for regional herds of threatened caribou unless we stop destruction of the habitat they need to survive—boreal forest habitat that’s being wiped out by tar sands oil extraction.

Caribou will not be the only ones to suffer if this pipeline project moves forward. If approved, the pipeline would slice through America’s heartland, including aquifers, sensitive wildlife habitats and residential areas.

Find the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund's petition here.

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Support the Dene Trappers in their Stance Against Resource Companies

A group of northern trappers is blocking a road near LaLoche, Saskatchewan to prevent oil companies' access to exploration camps north of that point. LaLoche is located about 600 kilometres north of Saskatoon and about 100 kilometres east of Fort McMurray. The local trappers say they were never consulted about the Cenovus Axe Lake project in the area.

These trappers are in need of supplies and your support. To find out how you can donate, visit this Facebook page here. Read more about their protest efforts here.

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University Bridge Rehabilitation Project Stakeholder Meeting

The City of Saskatoon is hosting stakeholder meetings for the University Bridge rehabilitation project. They want to answer the questions and address concerns so they can help mitigate the impact from the bridge construction and closure. The meetings will be held twice on January 22nd and twice on January 28th at City Hall Council Chambers

If you are concerned about this project and the risks it may pose to the river basin, shoreline, or wildlife you can RSVP for a meeting here.

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Saskatchewan Biodiesel Analysis Survey

In 2006 the Biodiesel Development Task Force on the directives of the Minister for Agriculture and Food evaluated the fuel's viability factors, technical challenges, environmental impacts, resourcing, consensus development and more. The task force formulated recommendations in their report which addressed a spectrum of biodiesel development issues like public awareness, transport mechanisms, the supply chain, and investor incentives.

Over the years there has been considerable technological and R&D challenges addressed. The University of Regina has been tasked with going back to the findings of the report and re-evaluating them after eight years. The principle objective is to refine some of those recommendations, include probable new ones and re-assess Biodiesel Analysis in Saskatchewan by widening the consensus sphere. For this they've formulated a survey which addresses some of those recommendations within our provincial domains. It is a brief survey and would take about 5 to 7 minutes to complete.

You can fill out the survey here.

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Opportunities/Call for Proposals

Call for Participants: Ness Creek Music Festival's "The Village" for Ecological and Social Justice

The Saskatchewan Eco Network is very excited to be co-coordinating this year's "The Village" for ecological and social justice (formerly known as the Eco-Village)! The Ness Creek Music Festival will be celebrating its 25th anniversary year this July 16th – 19th in the beautiful boreal forest 12 km from Big River, Saskatchewan. Over the last quarter of a century, Ness Creek has grown into a major Canadian music festival, drawing 4,000 people over four days to enjoy music, dance, theatre, art, culture and community. We invite you to be a part of this anniversary celebration by participating in “The Village."

Ecological awareness and the promotion of alternative ideas has always been an important part of the Ness Creek Music Festival, not least because the pristine boreal forest location is a cornerstone of the festival experience. This year's Village is hoping to get back to the roots of its predecessor, the Eco-Village, by giving non- and for-profit organizations with ecological mandates and solutions the chance to display, promote, workshop, discuss and sell their ideas and services with festival-goers. We are also expanding to give more space to organizations pursuing social justice, as Ness Creek has always been interested in building and enriching community. While traditional table displays are always welcome, we are especially interested in interactive displays that invite festival-goers to participate, learn a new skill, or otherwise actively engage.

Vendor guidelines for "The Village" can be found here. Note that non-profit organizations receive a 50% deduction in the vendor fee, and members of the Saskatchewan Eco-Network, a major partner in this year's festival, receive an additional $20 deduction ($205 for for-profits and $92.50 for non-profits. If you are not already and would like to become a SEN member, please email

Interested participants are encouraged to apply on-line by visiting, and following the links "Get Involved" and "Be A Vendor." Alternately, you can reach the online application form directly by following this link here

Any questions can be directed to The Village coordinators Mike Wolsfeld ( and Irena Smith (

We hope to see you at the 2015 Ness Creek Music Festival!

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Call for Nominations: 2015 SEN Environmental Activism Awards

Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond in your community to promote sustainable living, green technology, or other environmental values? Is there someone you know who you admire as an environmental activist and you think deserves recognition for their contribution to the community? Planning has begun for the 2015 SEN Environmental Activism Awards to be presented at our 10th Annual Environmental Film Festival in spring of 2015, and we are accepting nominations for potential recipients of this award.

Send in your nominations to with the subject line "*NOMINATION* 2015 Environmental Activism Awards".

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Earth Day Canada's Beyond Green Youth Initiative

Are you concerned about climate change? Do you want to work towards implementing solutions today? Here’s your chance!

Earth Day Canada and cleantech entrepreneur Tom Rand have partnered to launch a new climate change initiative called ‘Waking the Frog’ and will provide you with tools to demand action on climate change from people of influence in your communities. The campaign utilizes Rand’s book Waking the Frog: Solutions for Our Climate Change Paralysis, and includes a series of webinars, multimedia resources and updates on the Beyond Green website.

To learn about the rewards of participating and to sign up to get involved, click here.

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Job Opportunities with Nature Saskatchewan

Nature Saskatchewan has the following job opportunities for 2015. All positions are based in Regina, involve extensive travel in southern Saskatchewan, and start in early May, 2015. General qualifications include a strong interest in conservation and environmental education, and studies in the fields of biology, botany, plant science, ecology, geography, agriculture, or other related studies.

The positions are "Rare Plant Rescue Search and Monitoring Staff" and "Habitat Stewardship Summer Assistants." The application deadline for these positions is February 16, 2015, applications will only be accepted via email.

Find out more about these opportunities here

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Greenpeace Canada Hiring Two Positions

Greenpeace Canada is seeking a proven leader as Deputy Program Director and Senior Mobilization Manager with a deep understanding of engagement and mobilization in order to expand the reach and impact of Greenpeace Canada.

They are also seeking a proven leader as Head of Communications and Digital Mobilization with specialized expertise in the development of a communications program integrating storytelling, audience analysis, strategic framing, media relations, digital mobilization, and data-driven decision-making across all media and channels.

Find more information on the positions here and here.

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Coming Events


Effects of Oil Field Development on Grassland Songbirds

Wednesday January 21st, 7:00pm, Saskatchewan Science Centre

Jason Unruh of the University of Regina, will talk about his research on the Effects of Oil Development on Grassland Songbirds at 7 pm, Jan. 21, at the Saskatchewan Science Centre as part of PCAP's Native Prairie Speaker Series. Biodiversity of abundant avian populations are a measure of the health of our native prairie. In his research, Unruh has set out to effectively assess the impacts of oil development on grassland songbirds to determine if more rigid guidelines or restrictions are required from legislators.

Find out more on Prairie Conservation Action Plan's Native Prairie Speaker Series here.

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SCIC Regina Global Citizen Awards Gala

Tuesday February 3rd, Doors at 7pm, Regina Performing Arts Centre

Join SCIC as people all over Saskatchewan celebrate International Development Week 2015! This annual celebration connects Canadians to meaningful global citizenship activities. In Regina they will be celebrating the contributions of Dr. Shauneen Pete, David Wessel, and Wilma Bell Wessel and their work toward a more just and sustainable world

To find out more and to RSVP, visit the SCIC website here.

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Aquatic Invasive Species: Understanding the Issues

February 12th, 8:30am - 4:00pm, Cabelas Regina

Prairie Waters Working Group is hosting a workshop on Aquatic Invasive Species: Understanding the Issues in Saskatoon (Feb. 11) and Regina (Feb. 12). Of particular concern are quagga and zebra mussels. The workshop will cover identification, prevention, and opportunities for eradication. Registration for this workshop is $50 and will include a lunch.

To find out more and to RSVP, you can find the workshop poster here.

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Native Prairie Restoration & Reclamation Workshop

January 28th & 29th, TCU Place

Join leading experts & prairie restoration practitioners from across the Northern Great Plains to share knowledge, gain insight, & network with colleagues. The theme of the 2015 Native Prairie Restoration and Reclamation Workshop is "The Building Blocks of Restoration." The workshop will feature Chris Helzer, from The Nature Conservancy as well as "Prairie Ecologist" fame as the keynote speaker.

Find out more about the workshop and the Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan here.

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Bike the Movable Feast & Winter Cycling Festival

Friday January 30th, 6:15pm and 8:30pm, River Landing and Broadway Theatre

Everyone is welcome to join Saskatoon Cycles for the Movable Feast and the Winter Cycling Festival, a gathering of many cycling groups to ride together and watch the film "A Winter of Cyclists."

Find out more here.

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SCIC Saskatoon Global Citizen Awards Gala

Thursday February 5th, Doors at 6pm, Roxy Theatre

Join SCIC as people all over Saskatchewan celebrate International Development Week 2015! This annual celebration connects Canadians to meaningful global citizenship activities. In Saskatoon they will be celebrating the contributions of Reyn Lauer, Poverty Costs Campaign, and MCC Saskatchewan and their work toward a more just and sustainable world.

To find out more and to RSVP, visit the SCIC website here.

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Ness Creek Cultural & Recreational Society 23rd Annual Bruce MacDonald Curling Funspiel

Saturday February 7th, 3mp, Granite Curling Club

Join the Ness Creek Cultural & Recreational Society for an afternoon of friendly curling competition followed by an evening of dancing to live music by Kacy and Clayton & their Electric Band. Spots fill quickly to this wacky, sell-out event, so come up with your costume theme and gather your team.

Sign up your team here.

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Aquatic Invasive Species: Understanding the Issues

February 11th, 8:30am - 4:00pm, Cabelas Saskatoon

Prairie Waters Working Group is hosting a workshop on Aquatic Invasive Species: Understanding the Issues in Saskatoon (Feb. 11) and Regina (Feb. 12). Of particular concern are quagga and zebra mussels. The workshop will cover identification, prevention, and opportunities for eradication. Registration for this workshop is $50 and will include a lunch.

To find out more and to RSVP, you can find the workshop poster here

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UN Climate Change Conference Talk

Tuesday February 17th, 7pm, Frances Morrison Library

Megan Van Buskirk of the Saskatchewan Environmental Society will talk about her experiences at the UN Climate Change Conference in Lima at 7 pm, Feb. 17 as part of the Sustainable Speaker Series sponsored by the Saskatoon Public Library and the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.

Find out more here

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