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May 20th, 2015

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Action Alert

Opportunities/Call for Proposals



SEN Raffle Grand Prize: $2000 VIA Rail train voucher!

The Saskatchewan Eco Network has begun selling tickets for our 2015 raffle for these 3 amazing prizes!

  • Grand Prize: $2000 VIA Rail train ticket voucher
  • Second Prize: 8 person Meewasin canoe tour on the South Saskatchewan River ($200 value)
  • Third Prize: $80 voucher for the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra

You could be the lucky winner who gets to take a scenic vacation through the beautiful Rocky Mountains, visit family in Ontario, or take Canada's greenest way to travel to Vancouver, one of Canada's greenest cities!

Tickets for the draw are only $5 each. To purchase them at any time, please send us an email at We'll also be attending several events over the next few months to sell tickets. You can stay updated on where we'll be by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Your last chance to buy tickets will be at The Village trade show at the Ness Creek Music Festival July 16th to 19th, and the draw will take place on Monday July 20th.

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Saskatoon's Alana Krug-MacLeod Named #6 on Canada's Top Environmentalists Under 25

Alana has been interested in environmental issues thanks to her parents background in environmental work. After a trip to Antarctica she became determined to take action. Alana is a talented artist who has made award winning videos, artwork, and photography on environmental issues, and has also excelled in science, participating and winning in several virtual science fairs and other projects. Her greatest success was her Kickstart Change project to popularize kicksledding as a sustainable and healthy transportation option that involved students constructing kicksleds out of waste materials.

Her hard work and dedication has taken Alana to Finland, Costa Rica and to the seat beside Al Gore at a luncheon during the Global Student Leaders International Summit. She is currently attending Pearson College in Victoria and hopes to study climate science or ecology in university.

Read the full Starfish Canada article on Alana here.

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Canada's 2015 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Released

As a signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Canada is obligated to prepare and submit an annual national greenhouse gas inventory covering anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks. Environment Canada is responsible for preparing Canada's official national inventory with input from numerous experts and scientists across Canada. The National Inventory Report (NIR) contains Canada's annual greenhouse gas emission estimates dating back to 1990.

The inventory shows an 18 percent growth in emissions from 1990 levels to 2013, and a decrease of 3 percent from 2005 levels. The oil and gas industry sits at 25 percent of the inventory, with transportation at 23 percent. Oil and gas emissions grew by 5 megatons between 2012 and 2013. While other sectors are decreasing their greenhouse gas emissions, oil and gas is continuing to grow, making advancement in other fields almost negligible.

Saskatchewan is likely to see increased growth in oil and gas development in the next few years. The data gathered in this inventory shows the importance of our province taking action and finding alternate means of growing our economy.

You can download the complete National Inventory Report here. Read more about the inventory, how it is measured, and other details here.

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Government of Canada Announces 2030 Emissions Target

Last Friday in Winnipeg the Canadian Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced that Canada will commit to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. In her announcement she mentioned "This target is fair and ambitious, an ambitious commitment based on our national circumstances, which includes a growing population, a diversified growing economy and Canada's position as a world leader in clean-electricity generation

Based on Environment Canada's latest greenhouse gas inventory, the country's emissions were 3.1 per cent lower than 2005 levels in 2013. The Government plans on reaching their ambitious 2030 goal by implementing a "sector-by-sector" approach to reduce emissions focused heavily on transportation, coal-fired electricity, and regulation on chemical and fertilizer production. The announcement mentions planned reductions in the oil-and-gas sector, but only in relation to methane released from industry operations. While this target is ambitious and targeted, it fails to take into account increased oil sands production. The subsequent increased emissions domestically and internationally as a result of oil sands extraction is a number that can largely be ignored based on the criteria of the new target.

Read the announcement from Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq on the Government of Canada website here. Read the CBC article on the announcement here.

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Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity Formed

Four of Canada's leading national renewable electricity associations have joined forces in an effort to clean up and expand Canada's electricity systems. The Canadian Hydropower Association, Canadian Solar Industries Association, Canadian Wind Energy Association, and Marine Renewables Canada have all joined forces to form the Council on Renewable Electricity. The Council will work to build public support for increased development of our abundant renewable electricity resources in order to further decarbonize North America's energy system.

The Council is looking to help Canadians take advantage of our abundant hydropower, marine, solar, and wind resources to expand our renewable energy future. Other nationally active organizations are also able to join the council to help them work toward their goals.

Check out the Council's website for more information and to see if your organization fits the criteria for membership here.

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Action Alert

Participate the We Are Cities Campaign

Meewasin is supporting We Are Cities, a campaign that will engage citizens and organizations across the country to create a new vision and action plan for how we can build livable cities – exciting and healthy places for all Canadians to live, work and play.

Saskatoon and region is quickly developing creating a unique opportunity to participate in the We Are Cities campaign and animate the conversation and visions for the type of future we want to see for Saskatoon and its region. Meewasin hosted a roundtable conversation in Saskatoon for key stakeholders with a focus on the value of a natural corridors system with active transportation networks in a quickly developing region. This conversation proved extremely valuable for highlighting the important ecological, social, and economic benefits of enhancing and conserving natural corridors as the Saskatoon region develops.

You are encouraged to visit the We Are Cities webpage at and join the conversation by hosting your own roundtable or submitting or voting on ideas that express your visions and ideas to create livable, exciting and healthy cities and regions! Speak up and have your voice heard!

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Petition: Save the Arctic - Stop Shell

The US government just gave oil giant Shell the go-ahead to drill in the pristine Arctic, putting our climate and the ocean's majestic wildlife under grave risk.

Before Shell can get to the Arctic, their ship needs to gear up in Seattle. But one man has the power to turn Shell away -- Seattle's green mayor Ed Murray. He's already told Shell that they don't have permission to service their rigs in Seattle, but they've essentially said that they're coming whether the City likes it or not.

show the Mayor that the whole world stands with him and the people of Seattle in doing whatever it takes to say "Shell No!" to Arctic drilling. Sign the petition here.

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Tell Your Senator You Oppose Bill C-51

Few issues have captured the attention and opposition of Canadians like bill C-51, and the bill has been broadly condemned by a wide range of experts and community leaders, including four former Prime Ministers, 60 business leaders, and the Canadian Bar Association.

A 2014 poll showed that 75 per cent of Ontarians supported a moratorium on fracking. Add your voice to theirs by signing the Council of Canadians petition here.

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Petition: Ban Fracking in Ontario

In communities across North America, hydraulic fracturing (also known as "fracking") has left a legacy of polluted water and environmental destruction. Now it looks like fracking is moving in to Ontario. The provincial government recently rejected a bill that was introduced that would ban fracking in Ontario. Natural Resources Minister Bill Mauro said there's no fracking in Ontario, thus no need for the ban. Though the Ontario government has recently been carrying out geological surveys to encourage fracking exploration.

The Senate has the power to defend our freedoms by stopping the bill until it's been fundamentally reworked. But they need to hear from you now. Join nearly 30,000 people who have already sent a letter to their Senator here.

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Vote Now: Prince Albert Group Lobbying to Ban Bottled Water Sales in Hockey Rinks

The Council of Canadians is asking the City of Prince Albert to ban bottled water sales at its arenas and other public facilities. The group wants the city to become a Blue Community. Communities around the world have signed on to the Blue Communities Project, a water security-based movement. Becoming a Blue Community would also mean the City would have to agree to recognize water as a human right, promote publicly owned and operated water and wastewater services and ban the sale of bottled water at public facilities and City-run events.

Participate in a poll on PA Now to show your support of these changes here. With about 500 votes, the support is slightly in favour of opponents to a ban. With your votes, we can tip the scales to the other side and show public support for to make PA a Blue Community.

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Opportunities/Call for Proposals

Call for Presentations & Posters at Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference

The 11th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference will be a forum to discuss the latest issues, information, research and trends in the conservation of prairie landscapes, species, and species at risk. The conference is held every three years in a Canadian Prairie Province. And is being held in Saskatoon in February 2016

The participants in the conference will include decision-makers, researchers, academics, field personnel, consultants, industry representatives, volunteers, representatives from the public sector, NGOs, Aboriginal groups, provincial and federal environment and natural resource department staff, private organizations, community and farm-based organizations and interested individuals.

The 11th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference will once again feature a Poster Session as a means for participants to present their research activities while offering an excellent venue for extended informal discussion with colleagues and peers. To submit your abstract for a presentation or poster, visit their website here. Find out more about the conference here.

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University of Regina Fall Student Recruitment

The University of Regina Career Centre has started their fall recruitment, and they have a large group of Co-op and Internship students seeking work terms in September for either 4, 8, or 12 month terms. If you are looking to fill a position at your organization or business, a U of R student might be just what you're looking for. You can submit your job postings on their website here.

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Webinar: Urban Stormwater Solutions

RAIN Community Solutions is an award-winning program of Green Communities Canada that promotes green stormwater infrastructure (low impact development). They want to work with community groups across Canada to help reduce flood risk, protect water quality, and restore the urban water cycle.

They are hosting a free one hour webinar geared toward environmental community groups, but it is also suitable for individuals interested in learning more about urban stormwater solutions. Topics of the webinar will include:

  • Training and professional development (infiltration landscaping, water protection, policies, program delivery, community-based social marketing).
  • Direct engagement with municipal decision makers, key partners and funders.
  • Collaboration on funding proposals.
  • Networking and peer support with other community organizations.
  • Branding and communications materials.
  • Support for delivery of professional services with measurable impacts.

If you are interested in taking the free webinar on June 10th, please register here.

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Coming Events


Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council Compost Field Day

Thursday May 28th, 9am - 3pm, PV Waste Solutions, Fleet St. N.

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council is pleased to offer this one-day, practical workshop for those interested in larger-scale, low-tech composting. The day includes options for setting up and/or improving composting operations for municipalities or institutions and plenty of time for hands-on demonstration.

Find out more at the SWRC website here.

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Beginner Bee Course

June 6th and 7th, St. Joseph's Honey

Come and enjoy this two day course which enables participants to experience both theory and practical field experience. Instructors include the Saskatchewan Beekeepers' Association Technical Adaptation Team and experienced beekeepers from the Regina Bee Club/Saskatoon Bee Club. Every one of all experience levels are welcome.

Find out more here.

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Saskatchewan Solar Tour

Saturday June 20th, 9am - 6pm, Bus departs from Candy Cane Park at 9am and Noon

Saskatchewan Solar Tours is having its 6th annual tour on Saturday June 20, 2015. Canada's longest running solar bus tour showcases the most innovative applications of solar technology used for producing electricity and heat. Solar energy systems featured this year include passive solar, photovoltaics (electricity), solar hot water, a solar wall which heats air, and up- and downstream wind generators. These systems are used in residential, commercial, educational and agricultural settings.

The morning tour will visit sites in Regina. The afternoon tour will be heading to Craik after brief stops at excellent sites in Lumsden and Aylesbury. In Craik we will visit a solar farm, the Eco-Centre, and the eco-village. The bus is air-conditioned and has a bathroom. There will be door prizes and all carbon emissions will be offset.

Tickets for the tours are $20 for the morning, $30 for the afternoon, or $40 for the whole day. Visit their Facebook page here for more information.

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Wascana Turtle Project

Saturday May 30th, 7:30am - 3:30pm, Wascana Marsh

Head out for an early morning bird hike, and stop by several outside stations starting at 9am to learn about native plants, turtle watching, and more. Then join Kelsey Marchand, University of Regina, at the Wings Over Wascana Nature Festival on May 30, for a discussion on how she'll be tracking the Western Painted Turtles in Wascana Marsh.

Find out more here.

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Master Composters Program

June 6th and 7th

PV Waste Solutions will be partnering with the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council to bring the Master Composter Program to Regina. The course on June 6-7 will offer a combination of in-depth instruction and hands-on training. The Master Composter Program was created to train community members in household composting techniques and presentation skills so that they these volunteers can provide composting education programs in their municipality.

Find out more here.

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From Neighbourhoods to Systems: The Art and Science of Food Environment Interventions

Thursday May 21st, 6:30pm, The Roxy Theatre

The Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit (SPHERU) is pleased to host a free public talk by Dr. Steven Cummins of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Dr. Cummins is Professor of Population Health & NIHR Senior Fellow at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine where he directs the Healthy Environments Research Programme. He is a geographer with training in epidemiology and public health and is particularly interested in the environmental risks to health and the development and evaluation of interventions to ameliorate them.

Find out more at the Facebook event page here.

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Saskatoon Nature Society May Picnic

Thursday May 21st, 5pm - 7pm, Chappell Marsh Conservation Area

The Saskatoon Nature Society welcomes members and non-members to their May Picnic at Chappell Marsch Conservation Area. Bring a picnic supper; a barbecue should be set up. Bring a lawn chair of plan to sit at the amphitheater.

Directions to Chappell Marsh Conservation Area: Take the Valley Road exit from Circle Drive and drive west for about 2 km; turn right onto Cedar Villa Estates Road. Continue west for 2.1 km and then turn south on Range Road 3062 for 0.2 km to the entrance on the left.

Find out more about the Saskatoon Nature Society on their website here.

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Saskatoon Nature Society Field Trips

Various trips in May and June

Invite your friends! Anyone is welcome to participate in any field trip. Carpooling for out-of-town trips is usually arranged at the meeting place. Participants are expected to share gasoline costs and should make arrangements with the driver to do so. Unless indicated, there is no other charge. Phone the trip leader if you have any questions. Participants are free to depart early if they wish. SNS members with CB radios or FRS radios should bring them on out of town trips.

Check out the Saskatoon Nature Society website for information on all their upcoming field trips here.

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Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Annual Meeting

May 21st - 25th, University of Saskatchewan

The Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution invites you to Saskatoon on May 22-24 2015 for the 10th annual CSEE meeting hosted by the University of Saskatchewan. This year, the theme of the conference is: 'Ecology and Evolution of Managed Landscapes'. Come and experience the "Paris of the Prairies", and one of Canada's finest Collegiate Gothic style campuses. Saskatoon offers extensive opportunities for naturalists; we will be organizing field trips to a number of destinations. .

Find out more here.

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Wild About Saskatoon NatureCity Festivaly 2015

May 23rd to May 30th, Various Locations

Wild About Saskatoon, an informal collective dedicated to the conservation and enrichment of wild lives and wild places in and around Saskatoon is hosting the NatureCity Festival. The festival takes place in various locations throughout the city and focuses on the relationship between human health and access to healthy/biodiverse natural places.

Find out more and see the festival schedule for events you might be interested in here.

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Beginner Bee Course

May 23rd - 25th, Lalonde Honey Farms, Clavet

Come and enjoy this two day course which enables participants to experience both theory and practical field experience. Instructors include the Saskatchewan Beekeepers' Association Technical Adaptation Team and experienced beekeepers from the Regina Bee Club/Saskatoon Bee Club. Every one of all experience levels are welcome.

Find out more here.

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Partnership For Growth Regional Plan Open House

June 2nd and 3rd, Lakeview Church and Brian King Centre

Partnership For Growth is hosting two open house events on June 2 and 3 to introduce the Regional Plan, which is designed to provide a more coordinated approach to regional planning and servicing. The plan will cover the physical, social, and economic circumstances for the Saskatoon region and will have a significant impact on the natural environment.

Find out more here.

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Taste The Rewards Permaculture Workshop

Saturday June 13th, The Hollows Restaurant, 334 Avenue C South

Mark McLaughlin from Timber Timber is offering a permaculture workshop series designed to build the capacity and develop Saskatoon's permaculture community. The workshops will be held at The Hollows from 11 am to 1:30 pm on June 13 and 27. Early bird deadline is May 31.

Find out more here.

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Nature Conservancy of Canada Volunteer Events

Various events, various locations: Saskatoon, Regina, Edenwold, Mortlach, Keeler, Kayville, Shaunavon, Asquith

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is holding Conservation Volunteers events across the country and will be at eight different locations in Saskatchewan throughout the spring and summer. Come out and join their team in caring for Saskatchewan's Natural places. Whether as a solo adventure or in the company of family and friends, make time for nature with Conservation Volunteers and get up close to the amazing places where they work.

Find out more about each individual event on the NCC website here.

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Chaplin Lake Shorebird Festival

June 5th and 6th, Chaplin Lake Nature Centre

The Chaplin Lake Nature Centre is hosting a fundraising dinner on June 5th and 6th. You can also book a half hour or two hour tour through dike roads to get a very close look at the birds of the area. Expect to see a variety of shorebirds including the endangered piping plover. This lake has a story to tell about shorebirds but also a story about the Sodium Sulphate Mine and the Brine Shrimp Industry. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our air-conditioned tours. Tours are also available upon request, and may be custom designed to suit your personal/group needs.

Find out more here.

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