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Indigenous Resources

In our culture, the ultimate goal in a person's life is to be a good relative, not just to other humans, but to the plants, animals, and all elements of the natural world. Pretty well anything we do that is cultural or has to do with our language ties back to our environment.

Darlene Spiedel, Lakota

Director of Cultural Resource Development and Publications for the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre

In the traditional teachings of the First Nations and Metis people, there is no separate category for "environmental education." All around Saskatchewan young people are learning about how to develop good relations with the earth through the traditional teachings and cultural practices of indigenous peoples. On this web site we do not try to outline the teachings themselves, instead, we have listed a number of curriculum resources that have been developed by indigenous educators for the classroom. In addition we provide a listing of organizations who you can contact for more information, and interviews with educators to provide some context.

Perspectives on Indigenous Education and teaching our young people about healing relations with the earth.

Resources on Indigenous Education and Environment in Saskatchewan

National and International Resources