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12th Annual Environmental Activism Awards

The Saskatchewan Eco Network held its 12th Annual Environmental Activist Awards in Spring 2014 as part of SEN's Environmental Film Festival. Dianne Rhodes and Kaitlyn Harvey presented the 12th annual Environmental Activist Award to a single group of amazing environmental activists.

The Saskatchewan Citizen's Hearings on Climate Change Organizing Committee was comprised of thirteen dedicated individuals who care deeply for our environment. Davida Bentham, Mark Bigland-Pritchard, Matt Dow, Sarina Gersher, Bonnie Lawrence, Julie Maxwell, Rick Morrell, Janelle Pewapsconias, Peter Prebble, Darrin Qualman, Karen Rooney, Rasheed Soomro, and Megan Van Buskirk organized a two day discussion on the threats of climate change, and urgent actions required to escape its most damaging effects. Over the course of 20 hours, 36 experts, activists, educators, and concerned citizens made oral presentations. Written submissions were also received.Approximately 200 people attended the free event, listened, asked questions, and discussed what they saw and heard. The Hearings made use of internet-based audio-visual technology to allow presentations from remote locations, saving carbon emissions and expanding the circle of those who could present and participate. This also allowed participants at selected off-site locations to view the event and to ask questions. The hearings were a result of over a year's work from the dedicated individuals on this committee and were valuable to working toward progress in our province.