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Environmental Activism Awards

1st Annual Environmental Activist Awards

The Saskatchewan Eco-Network awarded its first annual Environmental Achievement Awards at its AGM in Craik, Sunday July 28th, 2002. The awards were given to recognize conspicuous achievement and merit in addressing issues of concern to the Saskatchewan environment, and activities to assist the public in understanding and reacting to these issues.

The organization award was presented to Citizens for a Safe and Healthy Environment. The individual merit award was presented to Maisie Shiell, a retired teacher who has worked tirelessly over many years to inform people about the environmental issues involved in uranium mining and production, and other aspects of radiation impacts on the environment and human health.

2nd Annual Environmental Activist Awards

At the 2003 AGM, board member Greg Fenty presented these awards to the Inter-Church Uranium Committee Educational Co-operative (ICUCEC) and their defending lawyer, Stefania Fortuno for their battle won in court against Cogema Resources Ltd. The Atomic Energy Control Board issued a licence to Cogema to allow its operation of a uranium mill and adjacent toxic waste dump near Fox Lake.

3rd Annual Environmental Activist Awards

On October 5th, 2004, the Saskatchewan Eco-network presented their 2004 Environmental Achievement Awards to The Council of Canadians (Prince Albert Chapter), the National Farmers' Union, Oxfam (Prairie Region) and the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate (joint recipients in the group category for their work on against the introduction of GE Wheat). Cathy Holtslander received the individual award.

4th Annual Environmental Activist Awards

The recipients of the awards in 2005 were Elaine Hughes (individual) and Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Saskatchewan (CPAWS) for their work in Saskatchewan forests.

5th Annual Environmental Activist Awards

The 2006 Environmental Activist and Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Elmer Laird (individual). Regina Eco-Living Inc. received the 2006 Group Award.

6th Annual Environmental Activist Awards

The 6th annual awards were presented at the Gala Evening at the Saskatchewan Eco-network's 3rd Annual Environmental Film Festival in November 2007. The recipients were Richard Huziuk (indivual) and SOS Elms Coalition (group).