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13th Annual Environmental Activism Awards

The Saskatchewan Eco Network held its 13th Annual Environmental Activist Awards in Spring 2015 as part of SEN's Environmental Film Festival at the Green Un-Gala celebration. We were happy to present the awards to two very deserving recipients.

Saskatoon Recipients

The Saskatoon CarShare Cooperative has worked tirelessly to bring a strong and viable alternative to car ownership in Saskatoon. As a small population over a large land base, Saskatchewan people like to drive. A lot. In fact, transportation accounts for around 21% of Saskatchewan's greenhouse gas emissions. And in Saskatoon, there are 1.1 registered vehicles per person, creating a strain on our infrastructure, atmosphere, wallets, and health. The board of directors of the Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative, along with its members and partners, have been working to reverse this trend. By establishing a small fleet of shared vehicles parked in key locations, SCC has introduced a convenient and affordable option for Saskatoon individuals, families, and businesses to reduce their emissions, while also complementing other sustainable transportation options such as walking, biking, and taking the bus. In its first year of operations, SCC has saved over 1000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, and replaced between 10 and 30 privately owned vehicles, as members gave up their own cars for a more sustainable option. This means less strain on our roads, lower emissions and smog, and healthier Saskatoon residents. And these savings will only increase as SCC continues to grow and expand its membership base and fleet.

Paddy Tutty is a former employee of SEN who continues to work within the Saskatoon community for environmental issues. She is a long time Saskatoon Musician and writer with a keen interest in the environment. Paddy is well known for sharing her musical talents by performing at many benefits, rallys, and demonstrations in support of causes she believes in. In addition to this, Paddy has been a director on the board of the SOS Elms Coalition for over 15 years. SOS Elms is active throughout the province working toward protecting the urban forest. SOS Elms creates awareness and understanding of Dutch Elm Disease through displays, school programs and community projects. Paddy represents everything these awards are about.