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Aloha Fest 2015 - The Solution to Overshoot

Bring your friends and family out to Aloha Farm just 30 minutes outside Regina on August 28th to 30th for Aloha Fest 2015!

SEN and Eat Healthy Foods Regina are proud to present Aloha Fest - the Antidote to Overshoot August 28th to 30th. Aloha Fest is a new and exciting music and sustainability festival 30 minutes outside Regina with camping, yoga, organic food, workshops, and more! Come see the amazing local bands Andino Suns, the Down Home Boys, and more to be announced soon!

While everyone is having a great time, there will be workshops, nature walks, and more to promote sustainability and stewardship of Earth's resources. Earth Overshoot Day is the approximate date our resource consumption for a given year exceeds the planet's ability to replenish. After this date, we begin using more resources than our planet can provide in a year's time. Every year this date gets earlier and earlier. Every year we use more and more resources that our planet cannot reproduce.

Here are some of the great things to look forward to at Aloha Fest:

Tickets to Aloha Fest are $30 each and include camping, music and entertainment, community harvest and cook-out (farm fresh food), and skill workshops. If cost is an issue, contact Eat Health Foods at for volunteer opportunities.

You can purchase tickets at the gate or online here. Visit the Facebook event page here for updates and more information.