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SEN World Rivers Day at Nuit Blanche

We're happy to say that SEN World Rivers Day at Nuit Blanche was a smashing success, and couldn't be more excited for how it can grow and improve next year.

Nuit Blanche drew roughly 10,000 people this year, an increase from last year's already impressive 6000 attendees. The Saskatchewan Eco Network was set up at the amazing Halo Salon on 20th and Avenue E with the Safe Drinking Water Foundation, Partners for the Saskatchewan River Basin, South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards, and Climate Justice Saskatoon for an amazing night of entertainment and networking with people from all around Saskatoon and the province.

With the help from two amazing dance groups, def SOL Dance Crew and Pure Energy Dance, many of the thousands were crowded around our area to celebrate our rivers and speak to the organizations who came out to display and reach out. Over the course of the night we had a video presentation projected on a nearby white brick wall showing beautiful rivers from around the world as well as fantastic aerial footage of the South Saskatchewan captured by Epic Jib Aerial Media. The streets were crowded and the voices of some amazing organizations were heard by thousands at Nuit Blanche this year!

We're incredibly excited to continue to have a presence at Nuit Blanche in 2016 for World Rivers Day and are already thinking of ways we can make it even bigger and better! If you're part of an organization who would like to participate in next year's World Rivers Day at Nuit Blanche, or if you'd like to volunteer to help organize another amazing event, feel free to send us an email at

A big thanks to the amazing funders who made this possible, the Community Initiatives Fund, and the Meewasin Valley Authority!