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Species at Risk

The first 15 plants and animals in new regulations under the species-at-risk provisions of The Wildlife Act were officially designated in 1999. This designation means these plants and animals are protected from being disturbed, collected, harvested, captured, killed and exported. Status determination is based on a review of a status report containing biological information. Preparation and review of status reports is now in progress for a number of additional species.

Saskatchewan Environment Species-at-risk

Saskatchewan's listing process uses the same risk categories and definitions as the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) and uses the ranking scheme of The Nature Conservancy and Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre's database in the selection and priority-setting of candidate species for status assessment. A Scientific Working Group (SWG) ensures a science-based approach is used in status assessments.

Public involvement is ensured by the participation of 12 stakeholder groups on the Endangered Species Advisory Committee (ESAC). The ESAC reviews status assessments and advises government on conservation and protection actions in the designation and recovery of wild species at risk in Saskatchewan. Recovery efforts are in progress for the swift fox, the four endangered bird species and some species that are currently being assessed. An ecosystem-based approach will be used in future recovery planning initiatives for animals and plants.