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The boreal and temperate forests cover approximately half of Canada's landmass, or around 417 million hectares stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic tree line. Forests provide a variety of habitats to approximately two-thirds of the 140 000 species of plant, animal and microorganism in Canada. Trees, which number some 180 species, have created a rich diversity of forest ecosystems.

Half of Saskatchewan's landmass is boreal forest. Industrial developments are expanding across the forest, even into many of the once-remote corners of the province. Industrial logging occurs mostly in the southern half of the forest (south of the Churchill River) where the trees are large and close to the mills. Seismic exploration activities infiltrate forest lands along the Saskatchewan/Alberta border. Mining exploration and developments are expanding in our more-northerly forest regions north of the Churchill River.

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involves the certification of forest management and harvest practices to an agreed standard of sustainability. Certified forest methods better protect biodiversity. The Sustainable Foresty Certification Coalition promotes the use of internationally recognized sustainable forest management certification standards in Canada in order for Canadian producers to continually move towards sustainable forest management, secure a sustainable supply of raw material, and to ensure marketplace acceptance of Canadian forest products.