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What You Can Do

Ten Ways to Support Biodiversity Protection in Saskatchewan

  1. Join or support an environmental group

    Environmental groups such as the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society or Nature Saskatchewan are a "voice" for plants, animals and ecosystems. They rally support for better protection for biodiversity in the province and are also involved in action to protect endangered species and spaces through conservation programs. Your support through membership, donations or volunteering add to their voice and their resources. The Saskatchewan Eco-Network Member List profiles the many environmental organizations in the province. Learn more about them and choose one to support.

  2. Reduce your ecological footprint

    Biodiversity is disappearing as a result of the consumer lifestyles of ordinary people in Saskatchewan and around the world. We can reduce our ecological footprint, the total impact of our resource consumption and wastes, by examining our environmental behaviours and choosing to consume less where possible.

  3. Reduce, reuse, recycle

    One way to reduce your ecological footprint is to reduce consumption of consumer goods, to reuse whatever you can and to recycle whenever possible. Take advantage of local recycling programs to reduce consumption of virgin materials like the forest products used to make newsprint.

  4. Reduce pesticide use

    Pesticides have a big impact on wildlife. Farmers can study and practice organic farming methods and integrated pest management techniques. A large amount of pesticide is used in urban areas in gardens; often for purely cosmetic purposes. Organic gardening and xeriscaping (perennial cover with water conserving plants) can help you to reduce your pesticide use.

  5. Eat organic foods

    Organic agriculture eliminates pesticide use. Studies have shown that there is more wildlife on organic farms in Saskatchewan than on conventional farms. When we buy organic foods, especially direct from local producers, we are supporting the protection of biodiversity.

  6. Take an eco-tour in the province

    Become better acquainted with the wildlife, ecosystems and endangered spaces found in Saskatchewan. The more we know them, the more we love them and want to see them protected. You can find ways to reduce your impact on nature when you tour, by hiking or cycling instead of driving when possible or using a canoe instead of a motor boat.

  7. Write your MP and MLA

    Write your representatives in Parliament (MP) or the Saskatchewan Legislature (MLA) and tell them that you support efforts to conserve biodiversity. Ask them what they are doing to make a difference on this issue.

  8. Create wildlife habitat

    Farmers and home owners can play a direct role in promoting biodiversity by developing their land and yards using a diversity of trees and other plant species to attract wildlife and provide them with shelter and food.

  9. Get a conservation easement on your land

    A conservation easement on farmland or acreages ensures that the conservation and biodiversity values of the land will be preserved when it changes hands. Several organization in Saskatchewan are entitled to grant and hold easements.