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Biotechnology in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is recognized as one of the world's leading agbiotech research centres. Most of the activity is centred at Innovation Place and the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, representing one of Canada's largest clusters of research organizations in ag biotech. About 30% of the Canadian agbiotech industry is located in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan researchers created the world's first genetically modified commercial canola variety and the first genetically engineered animal vaccine. Research and development is occurring in:

While our biotechnology industry is celebrated by many, many others are less than enthusiastic. See various links under Research Institutions and Publications for sources of information that take a critical look at the biotechnology industry.

While aspects of Saskatchewan's bio industry - such as the development of microbial innoculants or water quality monitoring systems - are generally accepted as positive developments by the environmental movement, genetic engineering of plants and animals is not. Major concerns include: