Government - Federal

  • Canadian Forestry Service

    The Canadian Forest Service, an agency of Natural Resources Canada, promotes the sustainable development of Canada's forests and competitiveness of the Canadian forest sector.
  • Prince Albert National Park

    Prince Albert National Park protects a slice of the 'boreal' forest. It is also a meeting place or transition zone between the parkland and the northern forest. The park features many outstanding natural wonders and cultural treasures, including the only fully protected white pelican nesting colony in Canada, the isolated, lakeside cabin of conservationist Grey Owl, and a free-ranging herd of plains bison.
  • Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators

    (Environment Canada)
  • Senate of Canada's Report on Canada's Forests

    The report Competing Realities: The boreal forest at risk (Report of the Senate Sub-Committee on the Boreal Forest), published in June 1999, examines the state of the boreal forest, the real threats to its survival and options to define and modify the footprint humans leave.
  • State of Canada's Forests 2009