SEN Hero

Key Environmental Issues in Saskatchewan

"Who worries that each fall the willow rings around prairie sloughs are fired, preparing the sites for ploughing if the succeeding year is dry? Who mourns the demise of scattered aspen bluffs smashed down by bulldozers in the winter when the green-wood is frozen, then windrowed for summer burning? Who laments the passing of the wild grasslands, skinned then engrafted with tame wheat and domesticated pasture?

Resistance to respecting the inherent worth of the natural world and protecting its diversity is deeply anchored in Western culture. The famous men we praise - the great theologians and philosophers, the eminent artists and scientists - with few exceptions shared one blind spot, one major intellectual defect. They knew practically nothing about the relationships of the human species to the Ecosphere. They conceived the Earth as resource not as source."

From Wilderness as Home Place, by J. Stan Rowe. Published in Home Place; Essays in Ecology. NeWest Publishers, Edmonton. pp. 29-34.