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Municipal Government

Approximately 67 municipalities across Canada have enacted bylaws to ban cosmetic pesticide use.

In June 2001, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed the town of Hudson, Quebec had jurisdiction to enact a bylaw restricting the spraying of pesticides on private property. Concerned citizens across Canada are now seeking similar bylaws. This PDF document will help put them into place.

In November 2004, work began on a draft plan to phase out cosmetic pesticide use in Saskatoon, according to an article in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. The city of Saskatoon's environmental advisory committee decided to research how other cities, such as Toronto and Halifax, have phased out lawn chemicals. It will report findings to a committee of city councillors, which will also get a more detailed report on implementing a ban from city administration.

The environmental advisory committee had dealt with the pesticide issue earlier in the year, deciding that the city would expand an education plan about pesticides rather than ban cosmetic use. Council's administration and finance committee was dissatisfied, sending it back to the committee and asking for a phased-in ban on cosmetic use of pesticides.Council hasn't yet decided to ban pesticides, but wants to see a proposal, said utilities manager Bill Hewitt.

Much still needs to be defined. Council hasn't clarified what constitutes "cosmetic" pesticide use or even how to define pesticide. Without narrowing it down, the ban could include vinegar and corn starch, said committee vice-chair Tom Wolf.