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What You Can Do

"At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the Earth is facing a serious water crisis. All the signs suggest that it is getting worse and will continue to do so, unless corrective action is taken. In truth, it is attitude and behaviour problems that lie at the heart of the crisis."
Water for People, Water for Life, the UN World Water Development Report

Despite vast water resources, Saskatchewan faces a potential water crisis. Brought on by a variety of factors, including increasing demand, a warmer, drier climate, and inadequate management of wastes and watersheds, both water quality and supply are in jeopardy in the southern half of the province.

To meet this challenge, people will need to change their attitudes and behaviour, as the World Water Development Report suggests. While much of this change has to occur at the government, institutional and corporate levels, individuals and families can have an impact by becoming informed and expressing their concerns.

They can also make a significant contribution by changing their own behaviour. Here are several steps anyone can take to change water use habits.