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Household Energy


Saskatchewan has a long history of building energy efficient housing. Most notable is the Dumont home in Saskatoon, which has been described as "the best insulated house in the world." Rob Dumont, who built the house with his wife, works for the Saskatchewan Research Council's Building Performance section. Information on their energy conservation activities and an article on the Dumont house is featured on this SRC site.

Now Dumont and SRC are taking energy efficient housing a step further. Communities of Tomorrow (CT), a Regina-based initiative that promotes sustainable communities, recently announced funding for a project that could revolutionize residential energy use in Saskatchewan. CT's funding comes from the federal and provincial governments.

The project is the Factor 9 Home: A New Prairie Approach, which was proposed by the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC). The project team will design, build and monitor a new detached house in Regina that will cut energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by a factor of nine, i.e. by 90 percent. Imagine heating your house for $15-20 per month!

The house will also feature the latest in water efficiency and other advanced environmental features. Saskatchewan was an early leader in energy-efficient housing. This project will put us back in the forefront.

Another CT funded project will see SRC and AC Realty Company of Spiritwood, Saskatchewan collaborate on a project that will improve energy efficiency, durability and sustainability of manufactured homes for First Nations' communities. It is expected that the design they come up with will have commercialization potential in communities across Canada and beyond.

The design team will use Value Engineering and an Integrated Design Approach to not only improve energy efficiency in manufactured homes, but also reduce manufacturing costs and improve comfort and durability.