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Regina: A Leader in Energy Policy

The City of Regina is pursuing policies to reduce energy use and cut climate change emissions. Regina was the 3rd municipality in the country to commit to reducing its greenhouse gas by signing onto what is now known as the Partners for Climate Protection program. To join, a municipality must make a public commitment to achieve five milestones, which involve inventorying corporate and community emissions, setting targets, creating and implementing a local action plan, and measuring progress.

To date, the City has inventoried both its corporate and community emissions and City Council has set specific targets for each. As well, a Green Ribbon Committee was created by City Council to prepare a local action plan for the community.

The City's current corporate target is to reduce corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 20% of 1990 levels by 2005, and then further reduce emissions an additional 1% each year thereafter until 2012.

Over the last twelve years, within its own operations, the City has been looking for ways to reduce its energy use, and therefore its impact on the climate. As a result, the City as a corporation has reduced its emissions by 9% through a series of internal operational improvements, including:

Plus, the City is currently involved in a project to retrofit six major buildings, which will reduce the corporation's emissions by another 3% by the end of 2003 and will save an additional $300,000 each year.

In May 2003, City Council also agreed to purchase 10% of the City's power as GreenPower. This power is created from wind turbines and contributes no greenhouse gas emissions.