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SaskPower Initiatives

Although SaskPower is in the business of selling power, it is actually helping its customers use less of its product through a variety of energy conservation initiatives. Not only does it make good sense for the environment, it also is a smart financial decision: by helping customers use less electricity, SaskPower can delay the need to build more high cost electrical generation facilities, which can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. A number of the projects are outlined below:

Energy Performance Contract Service

SaskPower continues to work with large clients to help them save money and electricity through its Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) service. The EPC service is an important part of SaskPower's efforts to tackle the issue of climate change, by helping customers reduce their use of energy in a cost-effective way. Heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, and building automation systems at customers' facilities are retrofitted through this service. The capital costs of the project are generally financed through energy savings.

Generate Your Own Power

For those who are interested in producing renewable energy for their own use or for use on the grid, SaskPower offers a Net Metering Program, and a Small Power Producers Program. Saskatchewan residence, farm owners, and businesses who are interested in producing energy for their personal use can deliver their excess electricity to the electrical grid and recieve compensation on their energy bill. SaskPower can install a bi-directional "Net Meter" which keeps track of the electricity to and from the grid for billing purposes. Customers can produce electricity to offset power that would be purchased from SaskPower, or to sell all of the generated power to SaskPower.


#sksavenow is a social media campaign launched by SaskPower to encourage people in Saskatchewan to save energy, providing them with tips and tricks on how they can improve. Through Facebook and Twitter you can learn all kinds of ways in which you can save energy in your home. Through the use of the hashtag, SaskPower also alerts customers to energy savings opportunities, like free fridge and freezer pickup for anyone who's replaced theirs with more energy efficient appliance.

Business Programs & Offers

SaskPower offers a variety of programs and incenitives for businesses interested in decreasing their energy use. This is a great way for a business to save money on the cost of electricity by installing efficient lighting, appliances, or more. For example, did you know that on average, lighting accounts for nearly 40 per cent of a business's electricity use? SaskPower offers a Commercial Lighting Incentive, which provides non-residential electricity customers in Saskatchewan with access to selected premium energy efficient lighting equipment at a discounted price. The program is hassle-free and can help to significantly lower your business’s electricity costs.