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Solar in Agriculture

Ken Kelln is well known as one of the pioneers of the use of solar power in prairie agriculture and residential application.

His company, Kelln Solar, is Canada's largest manufacturer of Solar Water Pumping Systems. Since 1984, thousands of pumps have been delivered.

Solar powered water pumps are ideal for cattle watering in remote pastures where conventional power sources are not available. Solar power can be used to pump water from dugouts, ponds and wells, even on the coldest days in winter. Solar-powered aeration systems are also used to improve water quality in dugouts.

In remote places where grid power is not readily available, solar and wind energy are attractive alternatives to the sometimes prohibitive costs of having the electrical grid extended. The very small operating costs of solar and wind systems can be attractive compared to gas or diesel generators, or even the monthly electrical bill. It is these applications where solar power is currently cost-effective.

Kelln Solar has designed and installed many solar systems over the years, including remote cabin and grid connected systems. Some of these include:

Kelln Solar is also Saskatchewan's main distributor of photovoltaic (PV) panels, structural roofing, roof laminates, roofing shingles, and flexible panels. Other products include solar lighting, batteries, inverters, solar fountains, water heating, wind power, refrigeration, solar highway warning flashers, composting toilets, solar system controllers, and energy efficient fans.