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Wind Energy

Saskatchewan's Wind Power Capacity

Saskatchewan's Cypress Wind Power Facility in the southwest corner of the province includes 16 wind turbines connected to the province-wide electrical grid. The wind power is fed into SaskPower's electrical system.

This is the second wind power facility in the province. SaskPower also purchases electricity from the SunBridge Wind Power Facility, a partnership between SaskPower, Suncor Energy Inc., and Enbridge Inc. Together, these facilities produce 22 MW of green power, which is enough to serve about 9,000 Saskatchewan homes.

The third facility, the Rushlake Creek Wind Power Project currently under constructtion is located approximately 25 kilometres southeast of Swift Current. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2005. Once operational and running at full capacity, the 83 turbines will generate enough power to meet the needs of approximately 64,000 Saskatchewan households.

This project is part of SaskPower's Green Power portfolio, which was developed to ensure that all of Saskatchewan's new electricity needs until 2010 are met from environmentally friendly sources, whose operations do not add to greenhouse gas emissions.