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Get Organized!

Setting up and running an environmental non-profit organization

If you are concerned about some issue and it just seems like nobody is doing anything about it, sometimes you just have to get organized and with like-minded folks and take action together. One way to increase your effectiveness, if there is no existing organization that is addressing your concerns, is to set up an organization.

You will probably start out as a small group of folks that meet around someone's kitchen table and you may grow and become more formalized. At some point you might want to consider the pros and cons of incorporating. If you and your fellow concerned citizens become a registered non-profit organizations you can take advantage of benefits such as a level of legitimacy and continuity of the group, as well as increased access to certain funding resources. Registered non-profits also need to meet the requirements of the non-profit corporations Act.

Whether you incorporate or not, there are common tasks and organizing skills that can make your group run effectively. Here are some ideas and links to other useful resources: