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Effective Meetings and Decision Making

Good meetings bring people together, allow discussion and sharing of ideas, come up with plans for action, and commitments to specific tasks. A good meeting will end with a feeling of accomplishment. If your meetings tend to be frustrating or leave you with a feeling that nothing important happened, check out some of these links for some ideas to make your meetings more effective.

Decision making models

The two basic approaches to decision-making in organizations are Roberts Rules, (Parliamentary Procedure) or the Consensus Model. Both types of decision-making processes are meant to make sure that discussions are:

It is important to be clear about the decision-making approach that you adopt. Ad hoc decision-making works fine until there is a contentious decision, and in that case you can end up with a real mess if some people in the group don't think a certain decision was legitimate, and others believe it was.

Roberts Rules

Consensus Model