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Press Release

How to Write a Media Release

Journalists usually receive hundreds of media releases each day. For your media release to get noticed, the headline and first paragraph must catch their attention. You should spend as much time getting the words right in the headline and first paragraph as you do on preparing the rest of the release. If you can, fax or hand deliver the media release to the media, then it has a better chance of being seen.


Make sure the headline and first paragraph are interesting and newsworthy. The most important information should be in the first paragraph. Consider using a direct quote from your appointed spokesperson within the first three paragraphs of the press release. Using quotes helps to bring the issue to life and express strong opinions.

Your media release should provide information on

Attach a fact sheet or background briefing material, rather than making the media release too long or detailed.



Sending your Media Release

Consider sending the media a 'Media Advisory' a few days or a week prior to the event, so that they can mark your event in their Diary or Media Planner. The advisory simply lets the media know where, when, and why you will be organizing an event - it helps them plan!